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The New Americans, Colonial Times 1620-1689, by Betsy Maestro, illustrated Giulio Maestro; Lothrop Lee & Shepard, $16 -- Maestro offers a balanced, readable account of the settling of the Americas by Europeans, and the trade and tribal rivalries and economic factors that led to the domination and displacement of the Native Americans. The latest installment in the Maestros' acclaimed, well-illustrated "America's Story" series offers a fascinating, informative look at the colonization of the New World by the French, Spanish, Dutch and English.

Autumn, an Alphabet Acrostic, by Steven Schnur, illustrated by Leslie Evans; Clarion, $15 -- This handsome volume is an ode to autumn, pairing Evans' gorgeous, homespun linoleum-cut illustrations with Schnur's 26 lovely, free-form poems. Cornstalks are outlined against an October moon with the CORN acrostic "Come October, Only the harvested stalks Remain in the fields as the Nights turn frosty." Bats and owls are framed against the rafters of a barn in BARN: "Bats And Owls Roost among empty Nests." -- Jean Westmoore

"M" Is for Malice, by Sue Grafton; Fawcett, $7.99 -- As sons line up to inherit the family fortune, murder follows.

Mortal Fear, by Greg Iles; Signet, $6.99 -- The searcher for an erotic on-line service killer is the prime suspect himself. -- Ed Kelly