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I think it's about time Bruce Smith wakes up from his sleeping disorder and realizes that football is a team sport. He has this funny notion that the team couldn't survive without the almighty defensive end. I have news for you, Bruce. The team has and would survive without you again. I guess you forgot about the substance abuse suspension a few years back when the Bills won all four games without you.

Instead of being happy that the Bills just re-signed a player that will help make a major impact on our season, Bruce is just worried about his ego. He can't stand to think that somebody else could possibly be worth more than him. Think about it Bruce, you will be turning 35 before this season even starts. Ted Washington is only 30. The chances of Ted playing out his whole contract are much greater than yours. I'm sure you thought about that before you demanded your $6 million signing bonus. Getting a paycheck warrants more than just playing on Sundays. Showing up and practicing everyday in training camp is also a commitment that should be honored. We all know how you like to find excuses for not practicing.

Boy, it's really nice that you are not demanding that your contract be reworked and that you are not threatening any job action if they don't. Give me a break! You signed a contract, at least be a big enough man and stick to it. What happens when next year rolls around and somebody tops your new contract? Will the Bills have to rework it again to stop you from crying? If you would have lived up to your last contract instead of whining before it even expired, you might not be in this position that you put yourself into.

I do have to admit one thing. I think you are a great football player, but I would rather see Ralph trade you before giving in to your selfish antics. Whatever happened to playing the game to have fun or bringing home a championship for the team and the fans of Western New York? It seems all you can think about is Bruce, Bruce, Bruce. I just hope that once the season starts you are still able to fit your helmet on your head and play football without worrying about how much everyone else is earning.

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