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The investigation into the stabbing death of a Town of Aurora man is approaching the final stages, and a decision is expected in a few weeks on whether to present the case to a grand jury, Erie County District Attorney Frank J. Clark said Wednesday.

While it is widely anticipated that a grand jury will consider Nancy Powers' contention that she stabbed Raymond "Jack" Jarmack in self-defense, Clark said he is leaving all his options open.

"Once the self-defense claim is made, it raises issues that must be investigated," he said. "We (prosecutors) almost have to disprove it."

Ms. Powers, 33, has not been charged and is not considered a risk of fleeing the area, Clark said.

The Orchard Park resident is scheduled to return to her part-time job as a monitor for the Orchard Park School District on Monday, when the holiday vacation ends.

She works four hours a day making sure that students changing buses at the high school and middle school get on the right vehicles, Charles Stoddard, superintendent of schools, said Wednesday.

She has a good record for the four or five years she has worked for the district, and, "as of now, there has been no determination to alter her responsibilities or attendance," Stoddard said.

The fact that Jarmack, 42, was stabbed 27 times and suffered defensive wounds has raised questions about Ms. Powers' claim of self-defense.

She also contended that Jarmack abducted her from the Ames Department Store parking lot in East Aurora about 9 p.m. Dec. 15 and forced her to drive him in her car to his Cook Road home about three miles away. But his car was found at his home, which raised the question of how he had gotten to the store.

Ms. Powers had a close relationship with Jarmack's ex-wife, according to authorities, and relatives said Jarmack thought that Ms. Powers had been interfering in a custody battle over their three children.

The case is being investigated by East Aurora and state police.

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