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It's still the biggest orphan in Brooklyn.

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has shelved a planned television auction to "adopt" the Brooklyn Bridge because the opening bid was too low, a spokeswoman said Wednesday.

Under the plan, part of the city's Adopt-A-Highway program, the highest bidder would have won the right to maintain the 5,989-foot-long span in exchange for a plaque on the century-old landmark trumpeting their largess.

However, Giuliani decided the starting bid of $25,000 was too low and now he wants time to review the entire idea, said Giuliani spokeswoman Jennifer Chait.

She did not know when the bridge auction would resume or who had made the $25,000 bid.

The money used to adopt the bridge would help pay the costs of litter removal, stairwell cleaning and graffiti removal on the world's first steel-suspension bridge, which opened in 1883.

City officials initially thought interest in the bridge adoption would be high. After all, several celebrities have paid for highway improvements in the past.

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