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it's about time we start building on them.

We have the greatest collection of grain elevators around. Let's make that entire area prosperous and inviting by erecting an architectural hall of fame designed by a world-famous architect. The architect could be selected in an international competition, with possible seed money contributed by the Junior League Show Houses. Just consider what I.M. Pei's Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame has done for Cleveland's waterfront.

Along with the hall of fame, there could be buildings featuring architecture of foreign countries, an amusement park, bike paths, picnic areas and sports fields. This would make the area more attractive and user friendly, yet it would still be a place for study and research. Development would enhance this area, joining it with South Park, Tifft Nature Preserve, the Cobblestone District, Shea's Performing Arts Center, North AmeriCare Park, Marine Midland Arena, the Naval and Military Park, the Peace Bridge and the River Walk.

Another idea is to use the Central Terminal as a terminus for a Broadway corridor ending at the waterfront. We could build a grand convention center in this now blighted and underused area. Here, the facility would have sufficient elbow room so that it could enjoy adequate parking and easy access, and become a major inducement for new hotels, businesses and housing.

These two projects would greatly enhance the city's core area, and in so doing attract many more people downtown. This could all be further helped by building a grand new Peace Bridge and moving the Buffalo Zoo to the waterfront.

As we look toward the 21st century, we must plan creatively to make our fine metropolis a thriving drawing card to display our great strength in education, medicine, the arts, sports, architecture, the four beautiful seasons and more.

Dave Davis Grand Island

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