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Mayor Masiello's highest priority for the coming year should be providing superior education for every student enrolled in the Buffalo Public School System.

The city is responsible formotivating students, especially at a young age, and driving students to perform at their full potential. When it comes to education, we must not be stingy. Every student should have access to computers and have the knowledge to use them.

This dream can be made possible if the mayor works together with the city schools in planning for new technology labs.

Some schools are already taking advantage of modern technology. I was pleased to find School 53's impressive home page on the Internet.

Not only is the faculty at School 53 involving the community with their children's education, but they are encouraging their students to be "the coolest on the net."

I also met the students at Dr. Charles R. Drew Science Magnet School on their home page. The eighth-grade class is interested in their studies and excited about the learning opportunities at their school.

Debbie Snyder, a fourth-grade teacher, declared, "We are very lucky to have the use of Macintosh computers at our school." Every teacher in Buffalo should be able to repeat her comment.

If the mayor takes my advice, Buffalo public school graduates will have the tools to open businesses in our city and add to Buffalo's positive aspects.

When these graduates have children of their own, they won't have to move to the suburbs in search of a good education because they will remember the quality education that theyreceived.

Sarah Moloney Glenwood

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