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The voter registration of Al C. Hollands, chairman of the Niagara County Conservative Committee, was canceled Wednesday after the county's Board of Elections held a public hearing that neither Hollands nor his attorney attended.

The election commissioners, Republican Lucille L. Britt and Democrat Michael J. Beeny, notified Hollands that they were prepared to cancel his registration after a Sheriff's Department investigation determined that Hollands did not live at 3316 Beebe Road, Town of Wilson, the address he said was his residence when he registered to vote.

The commissioners informed Hollands that a hearing would be held Wednesday if he expressed an objection to the proposed action.

The hearing was scheduled for 9:30 a.m. The two commissioners, a stenographer and Assistant County Attorney Morton Abramowitz were in attendance.

Even though Hollands' new attorney, Thomas Spargo of Albany, informed the commissioners that he would not attend, the hearing was delayed for 20 minutes in case "he (Spargo) was held up due to the weather," Mrs. Britt said.

At 9:50 a.m., Mrs. Britt said, "No appearance having been made by Mr. Hollands or his attorney, this hearing is adjourned." The commissioners then went about the business of canceling Hollands' voter-registration card.

Abramowitz advised the commissioners not to cancel the card by erasing or whiting-out his name. "Just stamp 'cancel' across the card so his name remains legible," the attorney said.

"Administratively, we have done our job," Mrs. Britt said. Both she and Beeny predicted that a court case would be filed if Hollands decides to regain his voter eligibility and his party chairmanship.

Only registered voters are eligible to serve as members or officers of political committees.

Hollands said that his attorney had advised him not to comment on Wednesday's action but that he would discuss it with the new county attorney, who will be appointed next week by the Niagara County Legislature.

Efforts to reach Spargo for comment were unsuccessful.

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