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Contemplating spending another quiet New Year's Eve at home because you can't find a baby-sitter? Or you can't stand cigarette smoke, don't drink, or don't dance to the latest beat?

There is a place for people like you -- and your kids -- on this night of nights, thanks to Franklinville residents Ed and Barb Freese.

For the past seven New Year's Eves, the couple has hosted an all-night skating party for youth between the ages of 5 and 21 at Skateland, their roller rink at 70 S. Main St. in the village. The party is chaperoned and runs a full 12 hours -- 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.

This year, the Freeses cooked up an adults-only New Year's Eve '70's Retro Dance Party at their new alcohol- and smoke-free disco night club, which has been frequented almost exclusively by teens since it opened in mid-June.

The Passions Club adjoins the skating rink and has been open every Saturday night between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. to teens aged 13 and over. On the last Friday of each month, the Freeses also welcome pre-teens and adults to the club between 10:30 p.m. and midnight.

Mrs. Freese said Tuesday that Passions will hold between 200 and 250 people, and she expects many adults will jump at the chance to dance in a smoke-free environment with no alcohol.

Food will also be available from Marco's Pizza and Subs, which adjoins Passions. Both kids and adults will receive free hats and noisemakers, and a balloon drop will mark midnight.

"At 1 a.m., the parents can go home to bed and the kids can stay until dawn," said Mrs. Freese.

She said parents need not worry about the youngsters because her husband is a prison guard and is very good with the children.

"It's one of our best nights for kids, and we don't have a lot of problems," Mrs. Freese said. Youths are greeted at the Skateland entrance by a warning stating they may not re-enter if they leave the premises during the night.

Proceeds from the door admissions to both events will benefit the Franklinville Fire Department. Cost of admission is $10 per person, but discounted pre-sale tickets for the Retro-Dance Party, at $10 per couple or $7 for single admission, are still available from any Franklinville volunteer fireman, or by calling Skateland at 676-2655.

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