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It's little and green,
and to tell you the truth,
it looks kinda mean.
It's definitely not a fruit,
and it wears that dark shingle suit.
They can be boiled or baked,
or cooked or caked.
An artichoke is a darling food,
except it prefers to be in the nude.
With a short, stubby stem,
you know I love to eat them.
Does an artichoke have feelings under all those peelings?
They have to adore,
with taste galore.
So in conclusion,
an artichoke's heart is no illusion.
-- Matthew Reihold


The high-pitched sound of the birds chirping
Like a squealing child giggling with joy
Filling my ears with love and excitement.
The intense smell of the grapes
This strong aroma taking over my senses
As if they were already touching my tongue.
The rushing of the water down in the stream
As if it were your feelings rushing down instead
Making you feel free.
The motors of the boats in the bay
Loud blaring horns
Sometimes hurtful to the ears.
The squawking of the geese is so strong
As if mourning for lost ones.
The crashing of the waves against the rocks in the lake
As if they were angry and wanting something.
The bright burning of the sun
Beating down on me
And giving me a warm feeling.
The crisp, cool feeling of the air
As if it were blowing right through me
Feeling it in my heart and lungs.
-- Andrea Gioia


Willie Wonka's chocolate factory
Puts stars in our eyes.
The little oompa's
showed us the scenes,
and told us no lies.
Gave us cookies and packets
of chewing gum.
We all had so much fun.
We all hope we can do it
over and over again.
Having fun with Willie Wonka.
-- Mark A. Glinski


I asked my Mom if I could have a giraffe.
"A giraffe," she said. "Don't make me laugh!
Where would you put him?
Where would he sleep?"
I'd build a box,
Maybe 20 feet deep.
I'd teach him how to roller skate,
How to hit a ball and bowl.
Maybe teach him some karate moves,
And how to dance to rock 'n' roll.
I wouldn't let him stay up late,
Play Sega, or watch TV
I'd feed him only healthy food
Like apples, bananas, and kiwi.
"Well, OK," she said. "You got a deal!
"The giraffe can come real soon."
Thank you, Mom. You won't be sorry ...
'Cause he's upstairs in my room!
-- Kelly Schultz


I don't know about yours,
But I do know about mine,
They're loving, caring and kind.
They will never tell a lie,
So tell them what you know,
Then caring they will show.
They're as kind as a mother,
Sweet as iced tea,
Certainly that is all they can be.
So next time you see them,
Give two big hugs,
Give one big kiss,
and tell them how much they were missed.
-- Ross Cellino


I look at the sky,
And wonder why,
Everything seems so perfect.
Nothing's a mess,
Nothing's in trouble,
It must be protected by a bubble.
If it were that way down here,
Happiness would seem so near,
For everybody and everyone,
No matter what
They had done.
-- Heather R. Cwudzinski


I sit on my couch all stretched out and I think back
When I think back in the past
I remember my trip to India
When I think of India I remember
A time where we are playing cards and Connect Four
The sweet aroma from my Grandmother's food
Carries me into the kitchen
India is like a blanket that comforts you
I see family members over here and there
No one is in dismay but in happiness
We talk
We laugh
We enjoy the visit
Now I only hope
They will hop on a plane
To see me too.
-- Vikram Bansal


Out my window
Across the street
Everything I see
Is pretty neat
The houses on my right
The houses on my left
The tree in our backyard
With eggs maybe in the bird's nest
Just one thing
To know I'd like
Who the heck was it
That stole my bike
-- Jillian Kelly


I once had a dream where I was a lizard.
Skin yellow,
and aquamarine.
I was in a glass cage,
old newspaper on the bottom.
Flies were my daily feed,
crunchy, juicy, repulsive indeed.
Kids tapping on my cage,
laughing when I would move back from their fingernails.
I would stick my elastic tongue out to catch those flies for lunch.
Crunch -- crunch!
-- Matthew Bemben

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