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In the video game industry, Midway has long been known as a quality company. In recent months, though, its games for the Nintendo 64 system have proved to be mediocre. But, with the introduction of a new, entertaining racing game, the company has broken out of its slump. San Francisco Rush is a first-class game.

San Francisco Rush is a video translation of the old arcade standby. It preserves all the speed and realism of its big brother.

Features of the arcade game that have been translated to the Nintendo 64 version include three tracks, myriad cars to choose from, breathtaking courses and incredible jumps.

This game has eight top-of-the-line racing vehicles, including the Viper, BMW, VW bug, VW van, Supra, a Camaro and two other full-simulation sports cars. The cars are extremely realistic and look really cool.

The courses, with the same magnificent scenery, could very well be the best part of this game. They offer a plethora of secrets and unreal jumps. The first three courses are translations directly from the arcade game; the three new courses were designed exclusively for the Nintendo 64 system. The details are also very good, like cool-looking skid marks and buildings with textured polygons that add to the game's realistic look. Every precise turn in the road is there, all with the same awesome feel and realism.

To improve at this challenging game, you can attempt to refine your skills at the practice mode. There is also a "key search" mode, where you search for keys in the different levels.

Christopher Wan is a sophomore at Williamsville South High School.

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