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Don't bug out over finding and then filling out endless forms for college scholarships. Students using FastWeb to check out more than 275,000 scholarship opportunities can now apply for many of these grants online through FastWeb's new E-Scholarship.

More than $30 million is available through this feature, designed to cut the expenses and hassles of applying for financial aid. At www., students can search available scholarships and check private mailboxes for all matching scholarship awards. Those marked with "Apply Online" are available through E-Scholarships. Students can fill out applications online and fire them off directly to the scholarship providers.

As with all of FastWeb's services, E-Scholarship is free. For details, call FastWeb toll-free at (800) FASTWEB.


A new book is totally devoted to Hanson's lead singer and main cutie, Taylor. We scanned "Totally Taylor!" by Michael-Anne Johns ($4, Scholastic) to bring you the scoop. First off, yes, there are pics, but they're mostly publicity and concert shots (nothing really spontaneous). Also, Taylor didn't talk to the author. That means the quotes had run in other publications, so you may have heard it all before. Still, we loved the "Ultimate Fact File" (hey, Tay, we love Cocoa Puffs, too!) and the tips for writing him. We even tried Hanson's Hotline (918-446-3979; ask a parent first!).


This isn't exactly the world's most mind-blowing video game, but it just might come in handy. "Driver's Education '98" (Sierra CD-ROM) is the first driving instruction program that allows you to learn from the comfort -- and safety -- of your home computer.

Unlike your favorite pedal-to-metal racing simulations, you concentrate on such things as navigating through street traffic, obeying stop signs and keeping your car in the lane. Judgment and attention count most here, just as they do on the real road, and the CD-ROM includes driving tests and a written exam you can tweak to fit the rules of your local roads.

The software costs $40 alone and $90 bundled with the ThrustMaster force-feedback steering wheel.


The Cartoon Network faces stiff competition -- like Mickey, Donald and the Little Mermaid. Walt Disney Co. plans to launch Toon Disney, an all-animation TV network, in April.


"Kids have incredible spending power, and the mall is where they live."
-- Retail expert Thomas Tashjian, commenting on the fact that malls made big bucks on holiday sales to kids this year.
-- Knight-Ridder

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