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After reading Larry Felser's All-Felser Team, I couldn't help but wonder . . . where's Barry Sanders?

His name wasn't even mentioned once. Instead of picking Sanders, Felser chose Terrell Davis and Jerome Bettis. I have no problem with his selection of Davis, but Bettis instead of Sanders?

At the time Felser picked his team, Sanders was averaging an almost-unheard of 6 yards per carry through 15 games, plus an NFL record 13 straight 100-yard rushing games. Compare that to Jerome Bettis' 4.4 average. No contest.

Sanders was having one of the best seasons by a running back of all time, if not the best. He was the talk of the NFL this season. It seems obvious Felser picked Bettis instead of Sanders only because the Pittsburgh Steelers won their division and the Detroit Lions finished third in theirs. That doesn't seem like a very good reason. It's certainly not Sanders' fault that he's on an otherwise mediocre team.

Sanders has a good chance of being named the NFL MVP, yet Felser doesn't even choose him as one of the two best running backs. Did Felser happen to see the Lions' final game of the season?

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