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All My Children: Tim ran away, but returned to make amends with Janet for his own surprising reason. Bianca took the first steps towards overcoming her eating disorder. Gillian and Scott discovered a paralyzed Adam. Gloria became furious when Tad pressured Adam for Skye's whereabouts, and urged him to give up his vendetta. David gave Allie an engagement ring. Jake earned Allie's appreciation when he promised to keep quiet about her relationship with David. Edmund and Dimitri began to forge an uneasy peace. Mateo and Belinda pleaded with Isabella to forgive Erica. Coming: A crushing find for Brooke.

Another World: Despite Etta Mae's denial of being Tyrone's mother, he persisted with his investigation. Toni broke up with Chris, news that distressed Tyrone. Grant got Cindy to plant a bug in Paulina's house, but his plan unintentionally placed Paulina and Dante in danger. After collapsing in Vicky's arms, Shane revealed shocking news about his health. Josie and Gary were horrified when Rain's grandmother wanted to take the girl home. Sofia asked Tomas to move out of the apartment, which he did, having lost her to Nick. Coming: Tyrone is tormented by his feelings.

As the World Turns: Lew didn't let Camille know that he's regaining some feeling in his legs. Bob surprised Ben with the news that the inquiry has been called off. Lucinda repaid Kirk for getting the dirt on David by giving Kirk his old job back. David saw Carly kissing Hal and used their liaison to blackmail her, threatening to tell Hal about the trust fund unless she pays him off. A desperate Carly went to find Lisa, seeking a source of cash. Meanwhile, the police came to arrest David for practicing law without a license. Coming: Lily is rattled by Molly's attitude.

Bold and Beautiful: Maggie was arrested after she disconnected Sheila's respirator. When James visited a jailed Maggie and said he doesn't want to see her for a while, Maggie was furious over Sheila's latest victory. Grant floored Macy by buying the Insomnia, in order to turn it into a place where Macy could sing. When Macy asked how she could repay him, Grant said she could marry him. Lauren and Eric were left to freeze when Rush vanished with the dogs. As they clung to each other, prepared to die, Ridge found them, and returned them to safety. Coming: It's war for Stephanie and Brooke.

Days of Our Lives: Finally reunited, Jack and Jennifer gave Abby a special Christmas by coming home. Jonesy's health vastly improved, thanks to Vivian's physical fitness plan, though that wasn't what she had in mind as the result. Mike was pained to see Austin and Carrie share a holiday kiss. Stefano stunned Kristen by announcing that Susan's baby isn't hers, it's his, and he doesn't want Kristen to be part of his son's future. John sensed that Marlena is having second thoughts about their relationship. Coming: Peter presses on to find Jack and Jennifer.

General Hospital: Helena tried to force Alexis' support in helping her regain control of the Cassadines. Luke, meanwhile, urged Alexis to join him in fighting Stefan. Tony finally diagnosed Nikolas' problem, but his findings had a drastic effect. Jax rejected Alan's advice and sought a specialist for Brenda. Brenda surprised Jason with a kiss. A.J. was furious when Jason admitted to sleeping with Carly, and pressed her for details. A horrified Carly later briefly awakened in a pool of blood. Coming: A grisly discovery.

Guiding Light: Believing that Hart was about to make a terrible mistake in marrying Dinah, Blake schemed to prevent the wedding. When Hart faced up to his feelings for Cassie, he knew he had to break off with Dinah. Michelle managed to keep Jesse from learning about her blindness, and moved forward with her plans to leave Springfield without him. Buzz left town after learning about the baby, but later found his way back to Jenna. Phillip was stunned to see Beth at a restaurant with Ben. Coming: Dinah feels she's lost everything.

One Life to Live: Todd's reaction to Tea's attempts at closeness prompted her into a decision about her marriage. Addie told Blair that she hurt Dorian at their mother's insistence. A shaken Blair then had a reconciliation with Cassie. Addie underwent hypnosis as Cassie and Blair looked on, but a furious Dorian burst in on the session. R.J. enlisted Claude to find the twins. Ian made Kelly's dream come true. Dorothy and Joey shared an electric moment. Antonio paid a visit to Carlotta for the holidays. Coming: Antonio faces off against R.J.

Port Charles: Ellen's estranged brother, Winston, arrived at the hospital with a harsh order for her. Matt's curiosity was piqued on overhearing Ellen tell Winston that she's no longer with her husband. Julie shocked Chris by siding with him against Bennett. A vulnerable Eve almost got close to Scott but later became romantic with Chris. Lucy played up to Rex by offering to do what it takes to get Serena away from Scott. Dominique visited Scott in a dream and gave him a warning that caused him to wonder about his future. Coming: Eve gets the goods on Julie.

Sunset Beach: Ben told Meg that he trashed the studio with paint out of frustration, but later secretly got rid of the scissor and bloody sheets. Virginia tried getting a look at Vanessa's mother, but Lena became hysterical at the thought of being seen. Caitlin agreed to forgive Gregory, provided he makes peace with Cole and gives them a big wedding. Despite his promises, Gregory had no intention of living up to his bargain. Jade left a videotape of her and Cole making love for Caitlin to find, but Gregory was about to watch it. Coming: Ben keeps more secrets from Meg.

Young and Restless: Jack agreed to help when Diane decided she wants to avoid spending Christmas at the ranch. Ryan was hoping to spend Christmas with Phillip and Nina, but Nina refused to force Phillip into seeing Ryan against his will. Neil told Olivia that he won't visit her home for the holidays because he knows that Dru would be there. Cole and Ashley ran into each other in New York and ended up in his hotel room. Victoria was stunned to walk in as they were kissing passionately, and fled to the hotel bar, where Cole later found her flirting with several men. Tony demanded that Grace admit whether their marriage is about keeping Cassie. Coming: The judge rules on the manuscript.

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