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A federal judge has ruled that police unconstitutionally seized copies of the Academy Award-winning movie "The Tin Drum" last summer.

In June, police officers seized copies of the 1979 film after an Oklahoma County judge said it violated a state law that bans any depiction of minors having sex.

U.S. District Judge Ralph Thompson ruled last week that police illegally removed the film from public access.

He reserved a decision on whether the film is child pornography and set a trial on that matter for April.

The movie tells the story of a little boy who "wills" his body to stop growing as the Nazis come to power in Germany and invade Poland. For 18 years, the boy physically remains a child, communicating by beating his tin drum. One scene implies -- but does not actually show -- a boy about 6 or 7 years old performing oral sex on a girl of about 16.

An anti-pornography group found the movie on library shelves and complained.

Oklahoma County District Attorney Bob Macy vowed to prosecute anyone in possession of the movie.

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