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Was everyone paying attention to the new definition of stealing, courtesy of Bruce G. Stenzel and S. James Chiswell of Continental Coin Processors in an article in The News on Dec. 13?

Apparently, it is now OK to appropriate for one's own use a client's money -- especially if one's company is in need of an infusion of capital to meet business expenses.

Wow, think of the implications. Lawyers could feel free to avail themselves of trust funds, accident settlements and estate monies. Bankers could help themselves to customers' deposits. Surely, their bank lobbies could use someimprovements.

These are just a few suggestions. With a little creativity, every business owner could probably come up with some new and innovative way to augment his company. Just remember -- when the FBI and Internal Revenue Service's Criminal Division come looking for an explanation, one must claim he had every intention of paying the money back -- he was only "borrowing" it.

In light of this new standard, my belief that a person can't be just a "little bit" dishonest needs revision. Just think of all the time I'll have todevote to teaching my children the reverse of my present standards of morality.

Mary A. Brown