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I read in The News on Dec. 14 about how much school principals in Erie County are earning. I was not surprised. It seems to me that the Board of Education is always crying broke. Unfortunately, when this happens, the kids suffer.

But I have a solution. Schools Superintendent James Harris should renegotiate the contracts of the top-heavy administration, principals and their staffs. All he has to do is cut their salaries by 10 percent and our kids would be better equipped to learn. They would also have more after-schoolactivities, to keep them out of trouble.

Many principals today have so much help. Years ago, a program coordinator didn't evenexist. Today, it seems there is a coordinator for everything. They seem to be doing what the principals should be doing. Our principals should be doing more. Mr. Harris should start downsizing from the top -- not from our deprived kids.

Antoinette Guercio