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What is up with Dan Henning? His play-calling this season was awful. Get rid of him. Maybe we should bring Jim Kelly back in and let him run the offense from the coach's position -- a job that would keep him in Buffalo.

Second, this year's fiasco was not all Todd Collins' fault. Apparently no one read the article comparing his numbers to other quarterbacks in their first starting seasons. His numbers were not that different from Troy Aikman and Drew Bledsoe. Do we really want to give up on this guy after one season behind a weak offensive line? I do not think we should.

Furthermore, I did not agree with benching him for the last game of the season. He needs to play and gain confidence and experience. He's not going to get that with repeated benchings. He has the arm, the head, and the toughness to be a great quarterback -- several announcers have commented on that.

I, too, am disappointed with a 6-10 season, but I would be happier with it if I knew the coaches were trying to develop one quarterback for future winning seasons than playing flip-flop.

This city loves to bash quarterbacks so much I have to wonder if it would be happy with Brett Favre at the helm or if it would complain about him, too.

I would also like to thank Todd for coming out to sign autographs at the Walden Galleria after the news of the benching before the Green Bay game. It showed character. Some of us support him.

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