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George Alber wore khaki work pants, washed his clothes at the Laundromat and spent his mornings yakking with a friend at a local cafe over a $3 plate of bacon and eggs -- which the two would split. Just a regular guy.

Except for one thing. He was a multimillionaire.

Alber's fortune was never a topic of conversation until last month, when he died at the age of 92 and left $32 million to 10 local charities.

"He was frugal with himself. With everyone else, he was generous," said Barbara Rice, his longtime bookkeeper and friend.

One-third of the money will go to the Marion campus of Ohio State University, his alma mater.

Alber felt his success in the fertilizer business, Marion Plant Life Fertilizer Co., was due to connections he made at the school.

Other recipients range from the Salvation Army to the Boy Scouts.

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