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The best-paid Allegany County employee in 1998 will be District Attorney Terry Parker of Belfast, who will earn $99,000 a year.

Parker's salary and those of several other county officials were set this week by the County Legislature.

Parker, who takes office Jan. 1, was elected district attorney in November, replacing James E. Euken of Belmont, who was elected county judge.

Euken's pay this year as prosecutor also was $99,000. County Attorney James Sikaras of Wellsvillle gets an increase of $2,325, to an annual salary of $87,000.

His first assistant, Daniel Guiney of Wellsville, who serves as attorney for the Social Services Department, will make $69,000 next year.

The three lawyers are the highest-paid members of the county's work force.

County judges and their staffs are on the state payroll.

Next highest on the county payroll is Commissioner Joan Sinclair of Scio, $56,395.

County Administrator John E. Margeson of Cuba got a $5,500 increase, to $53,000. County Treasurer James F. Muholland of Wellsville will receive $53,500, Public Works Superintendent Richard Young of Scio, $51,000 and Public Health Director Johannes Peeters of Belmont, $45,600.

County Clerk Joseph Presutti of Belmont will earn $47,500, while Linda S. Canfield of Belmont, clerk to the Legislature, will receive $43,000.

Sheriff Lawrence Scholes of Belmont will make $46,200 and Probation Director David Sirianni of Cuba will be paid $45,000.

In the meantime legislators left their per-diem pay rate at $75. Also left untouched was of John Walchli's salary as chairman of the Legislature. Walchli, R-Wellsville, will make an extra $7,500 a year.

The majority leader, will make an additional $200 per year. Ronald Truax of Cuba is majority leader for 1997.

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