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Mayor Kenneth D. Swan has vetoed the Common Council's decision to seek bids for a new garbage disposal contract.

Swan said his veto would permit the four newly elected aldermen to have a voice early next year on the future of the disposal pact.

Alderman Charles J. Montedoro, the First Ward Democrat who will leave office Dec. 31, said Tuesday, "Well, he had the right to do that, I guess." Montedoro added that he was not sure what the newly elected aldermen would do on the garbage issue.

Some members of the Council thought they might do better by soliciting bids than by sticking with American Ref-Fuel of Niagara Falls for disposal services, and Montedoro said the members wanted a chance to resolve the matter.

He said that he was not happy with the time it took for the Lockport city drivers to travel all the way to Niagara Falls, and then to wait at American Ref-Fuel there to dump the trash. "We never had that when we used to go down to Modern" Disposal of Lewiston.

The Common Council voted on Dec. 17 to seek bids for a new garbage disposal contract, spurning an offer from their current disposal firm to lock in a reduced price for the next five years.

American Ref-Fuel currently charges the city $40.74 a ton to dispose of trash at its incinerator. Lockport generates about 10,000 tons of trash a year.

The city's contract with American Ref-Fuel is due to expire April 30, but the city faced a Dec. 31 deadline to tell the company whether it wanted to exercise its option for two more years.

American-Ref Fuel's business manager offered a fixed price of $38 a ton if the city would agree to a five-year extension. He also offered to give the Council until Jan. 31 to think about it.

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