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The Rev. Edward Smart wants everyone to know the truth: There's no beer in heaven.

Three beer-swilling angels partying in the clouds? The Miller Brewing Co. TV commercial is blasphemous, Smart says, and he is lobbying to get it off the air permanently.

"It's theologically dangerous to assume that angels in heaven . . . are alcoholics," Smart said Tuesday. The ad "says that God sanctions beer, alcohol, substance abuse. . . . God doesn't do that. I haven't read that."

The pastor at Israel Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church collected a petition of 3,000 signatures and won a City Council resolution last week that condemned the ad, which aired nationally for two months beginning in October.

Gina Shaffer, a spokeswoman for Milwaukee-based Miller, said the ad was not meant to be taken seriously.

"We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback," she said Tuesday. "People get that it's very lighthearted, it's very fun."

The ad, created by Minneapolis ad firm Fallon and McElligott, shows three young men with white suits and wings dancing to hip-hop music and chugging Miller Lite.

When the "angels" run out of beer, they look down on Earth and create a wind gust that drops a tree in front of a Miller truck. The bottles fall off the back of the truck and float up to heaven, and the party resumes.

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