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She apparently was in a rush to marry somebody, having hastily arranged a wedding and applied for marriage licenses with two elderly men the same week earlier this month.

But even after a marriage ceremony with the younger of the two, the thrice-married Donna Marie Flint still is not a Mrs.

And Tuesday, she found herself a defendant in a criminal case related to the complicated case.

Ms. Flint, 56, of East Aurora, was charged with grand larceny and possession of stolen property. Released from custody, she could not be reached to comment Tuesday night.

Police said she took three credit cards belonging to her 66-year-old "husband" and went to Florida with the other man, a 78-year-old East Side man who had served as best man at the wedding ceremony.

Buffalo police suspect money is the motive.

"They have some bucks, and she knows it," said Detective Thomas Rinaldo of the Special Frauds Section.

The detective said a friend of the younger man contacted police, fearing the victim had become entangled in some kind of scam with a woman who identifies her occupation as "psychic." The plot thickened as Rinaldo learned what transpired in the Amherst town clerk's office earlier this month.

According to a statement given to police by that office:

Ms. Flint and the 66-year-old North Buffalo man, a native of Hungary who speaks little English, showed up Dec. 2 for a marriage license. The man did not have copies of his divorce papers, so the license was withheld.

Ms. Flint reportedly returned to the town clerk's office the next day with those papers in hand. She signed the license and said her fiance would do likewise that afternoon. But he was a no-show.

She called the next day to see if the would-be groom signed the license. When learning he had not, Ms. Flint asked the town clerk's office to call him down. They did and when Ms. Flint's name was mentioned, he hung up the phone.

A day after that, the 78-year-old man showed up at the clerk's office and filled out his part of a marriage license, which Ms. Flint completed when she showed up an hour later. Ms. Flint asked for a copy of the unsigned, incomplete license with the other man, which was marked "void."

A "humanist minister" performed a marriage ceremony that Sunday at a popular banquet hall, uniting Ms. Flint and the 66-year-old man, who signed thousands of dollars in checks to pay for the affair.

"I don't think he really knew he was being married at that point," Rinaldo said. "Whether he did or didn't, he's not admitting to it."

The couple then returned to the Amherst town clerk's office the following Monday to complete their license. But the state won't recognize that license as binding, the detective said.

Days later, the groom kicked out his bride, who left with the best man for his condominium in Florida.

"He may be a victim himself," Rinaldo said of the older man.

Police have not determined when or where the two men met Ms. Flint, but the two men reportedly have been friends for years. Ms. Flint "hangs out where she may meet elderly, wealthy individuals," Rinaldo said.

The detective caught up with Ms. Flint on Tuesday, after watching her drive away from the older man's East Side home in his luxury car. After being pulled over on Kensington Avenue, Ms. Flint -- dressed in a shiny, lime green jogging suit and high heels -- reportedly left the car running and the door open, and tried to run away.

Police still are sorting through the case, to determine if additional charges are warranted.

The groom cried tears of joy when informed his marriage was not legal, Rinaldo said.

The older man, with whom Ms. Flint obtained a valid marriage license but never exchanged vows, was similarly relieved, the detective said.

Why did she do it, Rinaldo said he asked Ms. Flint.

"Oh, I love them both," reportedly was her answer.

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