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Are you getting headaches? Do your ears hurt? Are you looking for some quiet music for a change?

Many people have heard of Canadian-born Sarah McLachlan because of her breakthrough album, "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy." With her newest album, people want to know how good she really is.

"Surfacing" has 10 tracks, as well as an additional CD-ROM feature. The first song on the CD is the single "Building a Mystery," which many people have heard. The song is nice and quiet, yet it still keeps moving and is very well written. It has a catchy chorus with beautiful melodies and harmonies.

Another song of this nature is "Adia" (Track 4), which features McLachlan's beautiful voice singing about trying to help someone, then failing. It also has a pretty guitar line. Other songs of the same quality include "Sweet Surrender" and "Witness."

But there are some songs on this album that are very different from "Building a Mystery" and "Adia." Track 2, "I Love You," is very slow, flowing and sort of mystical. However, this song is a little bit too breathy for me.

My favorite song on this CD is "Angel." It has a beautiful piano part, and McLachlan's voice on this song sounds especially clear and strong.

"Last Dance," the last song on the album, is an instrumental, and a good one at that. People expect instrumentals to be boring, but this is not the case. It mixes many pianos and keyboards as well as a bass to make a perfect ending to this CD.

The CD-ROM feature has two parts. One is the actual program, and there also is a catalog. The program features sections about each of McLachlan's six albums. It also has a short biography. And because she writes her own music and plays the guitar and piano, there is a part with her talking about some of the songs on her new album, and how she wrote and played them.

Altogether this album is beautiful. It is good music to listen to alone in the dark, but it also is good music to do your homework to because it is not too loud and distracting.

I recommend this album wholeheartedly.

Sarah Hill is a sophomore at City Honors.

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