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Pam Grier is the real thing.

The 48-year-old one-time action queen, launching a comeback in "Jackie Brown," told The New York Times that her beauty and figure are all natural.

"I haven't had cosmetic surgery or caps. In fact, I have chipped teeth and a scar on my knee from an old gunshot wound," she said in Sunday's edition. She was struck by a stray bullet at a picnic when she was 17.

Grier fueled the 1970s blaxploitation genre as a hard-hitting, gun-wielding star in movies such as "Coffy" and "Foxy Brown." She said her battle with cancer nearly a decade ago has given her a new approach to work.

"Whatever I do, I know one thing: The emotions I bring to my work aren't manufactured," she said. "It's real guts and tears."

"Jackie Brown," based on the Elmore Leonard novel "Rum Punch," is directed by Quentin Tarantino and opens Thursday.

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