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Christmas as I see it, through my sparkling eye,
Is giving, receiving, seeing family and feasting on delicious pie.
I like to wake up early and reach into my gifts,
My spirit doesn't drop, it raises and it lifts.
I turn to see the stockings filled, with treats of mine,
I look at the stacks of cards, so neatly addressed and signed.
Now the snow is creeping down into fluffy piles,
All I can see is that, stretched for miles upon miles.
Christmas Day, you're finally here, you're what I've longed to come,
Now I play in the snow, my fingers cold and numb.
-- Jayne Garlapow


Underneath the wrapping,
there's more than games and toys.
It's something that brings happiness
to little girls and boys.
On top of all that paper
is more than just a bow.
It's something that has happened
since long, long ago.
Adorning the head of the Christmas tree
is an angel or a star.
Have you ever wondered why they're there
or exactly what they are?
For underneath the wrapping,
there's a reason for it all.
It's something you won't find
in a toy store or a mall.
-- Tom Keenan


My next door neighbor is kind of weird.
He's got a red coat and a big white beard.
He has no car, but he does have a sleigh
and in his garage there are deer eating hay.
He has a little red hat and a big fat belly,
and when he jumps up and down it shakes like jelly.
He also has a giant red sack and he likes to snack
on cookies and milk. How do you like that?
He really is crazy, though.
He likes the snow and says, "Ho! Ho! Ho!"
Wait! Now I remember,
It was he who gave me presents just last December.
Just a second, could it be,
Is he the big guy who gives to you and me?
Today's the day, I must go outside
and look for his sleigh.
Oh! There it is, all bright and red.
Hurry, Mom, hurry!
Put me to bed!
I'm in bed now and I'm falling asleep.
My mother said that I should count sheep.
My eyes feel heavy and I won't put up a fight,
tomorrow's Christmas, so have a
good night!
-- Sean Gerrity


It was Christmas morning.
I woke up early to find a surprise.
A dog? A cat? A bunny? Who knows?
I heard it, behind the door.
I crept to the door, and cracked it open -- to my surprise,
I saw it.
Right away I fell in love.
Could tear me away from
My new dog.
-- Gina Secchiaroli


On Christmas Day
As I lay
I think of heavy snow,
Frostbite on my toes,
Trees flashing full of light,
Turkey roasting in the oven.
This day I sure am lov'n.
-- Ross Cellino


I listened quietly and
Watched the small, white
Crystals fall gently from
The mid-gray sky.
It looked as if the
Ground was covered with
Cotton that glistened
In the sunlight.
The pure-white crystals
That were falling from the
Mid-gray sky were as cold
As a clear, sparkling
Icicle that would melt
So slowly into a fine,
Clean, clear puddle of
Ice-cold water.
Whenever I look out the window,
I softly recite this poem about
Beautiful, crystal-white
-- Stephanie Flanders


It's a winter wonderland
In our back yard today.
Snow piled so high,
That it nearly touches the sky.
You can hardly walk,
Because the snow is so deep.
We'll really be tired
By the time we go to sleep!
-- Sara Cimino

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