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Need a quick, last-minute gift idea? Try making a bookmark. We're talking handmade, personalized, give-'em-to-your-best-friend bookmarks.

You'll need:

Something that can be used as a backing or base for the things you will want to glue, paint or stamp on it, like heavy watercolor paper, old greeting cards or the heavy paperboard that comes with store-bought shirts.

Glue. Goop and Yes glue are favorites. White school glue can wrinkle paper and is not as durable.

Interesting items that are glued to the backing, from stamps to paper cutouts. As long as the stuff is reasonably flat and can be glued to the backing, it will work.

Laminating material. If you're using totally flat items, especially pictures, it's nice to encase the bookmark in a clear laminating material. You can wrap clear contact paper around your bookmark.

Ribbons, strings or yarn. You'll run this through the top of the bookmark. This is what hangs out of the book -- and it adds the finishing touch to your project. Use a paper punch to make the ribbon hole.


Can't get enough of the Christmas spirit? Here are a few television specials that will air tonight and Wednesday.

5 -- "Bugs Bunny's Looney Christmas Tales" (FAM)

5:30 -- " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas" (FAM)

7:50 -- "It Nearly Wasn't Christmas" (Disney)

4 -- "The Year Without Santa Claus" (Disney)

4:30 -- "Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey" (FAM)

5 -- "Little Drummer Boy Book I" (FAM )

5:30 -- "Little Drummer Boy Book II" (FAM)

7 -- "A Christmas Carol" (AMC)

8:05 -- "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (TBS)

The Internet also is full of the holiday spirit. Here are a couple of sites that offer some special activities during the Christmas season.

You can click on "Santa's Secret Village" at to send Santa a Web letter (up until Christmas morning), visit his workshop, Mrs. Claus' kitchen, Santa's den and the reindeer barn. If you send Santa e-mail, you'll get a letter back in reply. The site also offers stories, animation and original illustrations.

At, you can play holiday games, see what Santa does in his spare time, learn some holiday recipes and check the "Naughty or Nice List." On Christmas Eve, this site can help you track Santa's travels.

A third site,, offers all sorts of holiday games, from a Christmas quiz to the dreidel game to a snowboard game. On this site, also check out the Holiday Around the World section, which shows how people in India, Venezuela, the Netherlands and other countries celebrate Christmas.

Remember: These sites will be busy this week, so be patient. You'll get on them eventually.

Also, if you need to send a last-minute holiday card, your computer can help!

These two sites -- and -- will help you send some spiffy electronic cards to your friends.

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