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Red Cross delegations of the two Koreas met for just two hours today before breaking off their talks amid fears South Korea's economic woes could hamper its drive to help the hungry North.

The Red Cross delegates agreed before adjourning that they would meet Tuesday to hash out disputed points, the head of the South Korean delegation said.

"There were various sticking points on both sides," said Choe Gyong Rin, the chief South Korean Red Cross delegate.

Lee Byung Woong, the North Korean Red Cross chief delegate, said, "We will continue talking tomorrow."

Choe said the delegations "discussed in very general terms" last week's election of veteran opposition leader Kim Dae Jung as South Korean president and Kim's immediate call for a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

The fight to feed North Korea has stumbled over Pyongyang's restrictions on access to provinces hardest hit by the famine after three years of floods and drought.

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