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Randy Quaid likes to move around, calling eight different places home over the last eight years.

"I don't know, maybe I've got circus blood in me," Quaid says in the January issue of InStyle magazine. "When I was a kid and the carnival would come to the shopping center, I'd go down and talk to all the people running the rides. I like the whole lifestyle, moving from town to town in a nomadic existence."

Quaid, 47, is a man of simple tastes, according to his wife of eight years.

All he worries about "is that he has enough light and a comfortable place to read," said Evi Quaid, 34.

One of their many moves wasn't planned. In 1994, their Santa Monica home was destroyed by an earthquake. After that, they lived in a New York hotel for a year. Home these days is a 1928 Spanish-style hacienda in Beverly Hills, complete with palm trees.

"I like change," Mrs. Quaid said. "After one year, I want to move."

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