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An assault suspect escaped after a high-speed chase, which began with the suspect's car going in reverse for three blocks, Officers Patrick Hennegan and David Cudahy said Sunday.

The officers were sent to 240 77th St. at 3:05 a.m., when Bruce D. Chambers called headquarters to report that a teen-age boy wielding a knife had broken the front door down.

The intruder had driven across the front lawn before smashing through the door and kicking Chambers in the groin, Hennegan said.

Hennegan said he and Cudahy arrived as the suspect, who was known to Chambers, was leaving the house. They saw him get into a blue Chevrolet Corsica and back away from the home.

Cudahy said the car backed northward on 77th Street past Edison and Stephenson avenues to the LaSalle Expressway off-ramp, where the suspect backed over a curb and struck a light pole.

Hennegan said he got out of his car to try to arrest the youth, while Cudahy drove up to the scene. The suspect, however, put his car in drive and drove it straight at the officers. Cudahy said he had to slam his car into reverse to avoid a collision, while Hennegan jumped out of the way.

The suspect, going forward now, continued north on 77th Street at high speed, with the two officers in pursuit. The chase reached Niagara Falls Boulevard, where the suspect turned west and floored the gas pedal. Hennegan said he and Cudahy broke off the chase when they lost sight of the car around 66th Street.

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