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Sigourney Weaver thrilled moviegoers in 1997 with roles that were witty, wicked and just plain weird.

"I loved all of these roles for the way each of them revved me up," Weaver says in the upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly.

She yanked the tongue out of a slimy creature in "Alien Resurrection," for which she reportedly picked up an $11 million paycheck, and was a swinging 1970s suburbanite in "Ice Storm."

And Weaver was the wickedest of stepmothers in "Snow White: A Tale of Terror," which premiered on Showtime and shortly after on video.

"Once I get that engine going, I can work for an eternity," Weaver told the magazine, which named her one of 1997's top 12 entertainers.

In 1998, she'll star in "Dr. Neruda's Cure for Evil."

And she's looking for more work.

"Please write that I'm looking for a job in the spring," she said.

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