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As I watched Latrell Sprewell's press conference in regards to his plight, I started to wonder, what kind of justice is Latrell looking for? Who turned this attack into a racial conflict? Johnnie Cochran!

What would have happened to me if I attacked and threatened to kill an innocent person on the street. I would have been arrested. And let's just say for some stupid reason I did it again. I would have been arrested again, this time most likely on a felony charge and would most likely see some jail time. What Mr. Sprewell did was a crime. He should have been banned for the life of his contract.

As the conference continued I heard he was being "deprived of work," by the NBA. Well, didn't Latrell attend college? Doesn't he have a degree?

Why was this situation turned into a racial conflict? Who cares if this attack was black on white, white on black, white on white, or black on black? What he did was uncomprehendable. These overpaid, egotistical, unmannered pro athletes must realize there are rules and regulations in this society that we live by and they are not immune to them.

Finally Mr. Sprewell, I was unimpressed by your well-planned fake speech. Who wrote it anyway, Johnnie? You should have written it yourself and with a little feeling if you really wanted some sympathy. Take the year off to cool down. Be glad it's not longer.