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I feel it's time that those who have been complaining about Marv and the Bills get a reality check, and take a look at the NFL as a whole, not just the Bills. Our winning seasons were fun and exciting, but free agency and the addition of new franchises have dwindled down the quality of plays and players on every NFL team.

As of this writing, the Bills have the same record as the Cowboys, who won the Super Bowl just two years ago. While so-called fans refer to the Bills' recent performance against Chicago as "pitiful" and "pathetic," the Dolphins just lost, 41-0, to Indy, a team we beat twice. Detroit beat Green Bay, so did Indy, and we beat both those teams. We lost to the Chiefs by six. San Francisco lost to the Chiefs by 35. Does that make San Fran and Green Bay pathetic?

My point is, it's so easy to criticize "our" team because we're so familiar with everything they do, but every team in the NFL has played a pathetic game, especially the Super Bowl champs losing to a winless Indy. While Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells are considered two of the best coaches, we played them four times this year and beat them three. Sure, we need some better players and maybe coaches too, but so does just about every team.

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