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All My Children: Adam staged a relapse after overhearing Hayley tell Mateo that his health was improving. Gillian announced her plans to attend the Crystal Ball with Scott, beating Kelsey to the punch. Erica had a proposition for her look-alike, Maggie. Derek discussed some unsettling details of Ricky's death with Laura. Dr. David managed to steal a kiss from Allie before she was freed. Allie then blasted Jake who admitted to giving her personal information to be used in an article in the Pine Valley Bulletin. Edmund cautioned Brooke about learning more about Jim before going into business with him. Coming: Erica makes an escape attempt.

Another World: Jake rescued Paulina from the gas fumes, prompting her to pledge to stop drinking. Lila told Shane she wants to have his baby, and was stung by his response. Later, Lila agreed to help Grant by forging a love letter from Vicky to Shane. With Felicia's assistance, Nick proposed to Sofia. Cindy got even with Grant's bugging her pin, by pretending to confess to Joe about Grant and Alexander. King Monroe recognized Etta Mae as "Satin." Tyrone wondered if Etta Mae could be his mother. Coming: Tyrone's suspicions trouble Etta Mae.

As the World Turns: Holden was thrilled to learn that Lily is pregnant. Pressured by Molly to marry her in order to stay out of prison, Holden acted like he was giving in, but planned to marry Lily instead. Kirk revealed to Lucinda that David never passed the bar exam, news that Lucinda shared with Tom. Carly told Hal that she wants a serious relationship, or nothing at all. Acting undercover, Jack went along with Teague, who wanted to start trouble when a black man entered the bar. Coming: Ben feels the odds are against him.

Bold and Beautiful: Maggie was arrested after she disconnected Sheila's respirator. When James visited a jailed Maggie and said that he doesn't want to see her for a while, Maggie was furious over Sheila's latest victory. Grant floored Macy by buying the Insomnia, in order to turn it into a place where Macy would be able to sing. When Macy asked how she could repay him, Grant said that she could marry him. Lauren and Eric were left to freeze after Rush vanished with the dogs. As they clung to each other, prepared to die, Ridge found them and returned them to safety. Coming: The war resumes between Stephanie and Brooke.

Days of Our Lives: Susan, distraught without her baby, arrived at a seedy bar and asked to see Thomas, someone she insisted would help her. Meanwhile, Kristen was thrilled to see John, but desperately tried to hide the fact that she has Susan's baby. As Jack closed in on Jennifer, she narrowly escaped from an abandoned elevator shaft, only to come face to face with Travis. During his struggle with Dr. Rolf while attempting to escape the jungle, Peter dropped the pills he needs to cure his attacks of madness. Coming: Susan waits to get help.

General Hospital: Alexis returned from visiting Nikolas to find Helena waiting for her. Lucky got Elizabeth to admit that she tried to frame Sarah. In the mental ward, Brenda tried to flee when she thought that Jax and Julia were discussing her being committed, and ended up in isolation. A.J. angrily demanded that Jason tell him the truth about Carly. Despite Luke's warning about the job, Justus agreed to meet with the inner circle. James assumed Mac's identity and met with Felicia. Coming: Upsetting news for Nikolas.

Guiding Light: Annie was prepared to let Reva perish as her house burned, but Josh came to her aid. Michelle, who lay unconscious in the flames, was finally rescued but lost her sight, perhaps permanently. Harley told Beth that she has no intention of giving Phillip back to her, but Beth privately vowed to reunite her family. Jesse could barely contain his rage when he learned that his father had been connected with the fire. Ben stunned Ross with his next career move. Jenna and Nola rushed to tell Buzz the truth. Coming: Michelle makes a heart-wrenching decision.

One Life to Live: When Nora suffered another injury, she asked Georgie to take her place with Bo at a holiday party. Georgie panicked when Bo asked her to dance. Trying to get back together with Tea, Todd arranged a getaway at the Bayberry Inn, where sparks flew between them. Blair visited Addie and was stunned by what her mother had to say. Joey lost his temper when Kelly told him of her plans to go away with Ian. Joey felt awkward when he learned that Dorothy had bought him a gift. Coming: Antonio makes a visit back home.

Port Charles: Chris, trying to hide his money problems from Eve, asked her to move out. When Eve and Matt received better performance reviews than Chris, he vowed to destroy his latest rivals. Lucy and Kevin staged a breakup to fool Rex, but it made them miserable. Karen's landlady, Alice, who is Ellen's mother, suffered a heart attack. Gail was disturbed when Serena said that she had found her address book thanks to a tip from "Mommy." Scott's friends were subpoenaed to testify. Coming: Julie wants to make peace.

Sunset Beach: As Gabi testified at Ricardo's trial, it became clear that she had been raped -- by her father. The case against Ricardo was dismissed. Jade, an old flame of Cole's and his former partner in crime, showed up in town. Caitlin decided it was time to let her parents know that she's still alive, prompting Olivia to faint. Virginia discovered that Vanessa's mother is a patient in Cedar Oaks Hospital. Ben walked in on Meg talking with Ricardo about Maria's death, and confronted Meg about her snooping. Coming: Gabi feels alone and awkward.

Young and Restless: Jack agreed to help when Diane decided she wants to avoid spending Christmas at the ranch. Ryan was hoping to spend the holidays with Phillip and Nina, but Nina refused to force Phillip against his will. Neil told Olivia that he won't visit her home for the holiday because he knew that Dru would be there. Cole and Ashley ran into each other in New York and ended up in his hotel room. Victoria was stunned to walk in as Cole and Ashley were kissing passionately, and fled to the hotel bar, where Cole later found her flirting with strangers. Tony demanded Grace admit whether their marriage is really about keeping Cassie. Coming: The judge rules on the manuscript.

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