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It is my belief that the National Hockey League should have a salary cap. There are some small market cities that have been around for awhile, and without the big name players, they cannot compete.

Take the Buffalo Sabres, for example. They won their division last season and now they are in last. Our highest paid player is our goalie, who makes $4.8 million a year, which is a lot less than other teams would pay him. So most of the time when we play bad, the blame goes on him. Some people do not understand, not just any player wins the MVP award, only the best.

Good teams need three things to win: a goalie, goal-scorer and a coach that knows what he's doing. Out of the three, the Sabres only have one, which explains why they're losing. So with a salary cap, the players can be spread out evenly and every team can be a contender. I just hope Buffalo does not lose its team before that might happen.