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Bob and Elizabeth Dole have a far-flung travel date with Bill and Hillary Clinton -- as part of the president's Bosnia delegation.

The Doles, who last year tried to win the White House away from the Clintons, accepted an invitation to make the pre-Christmas trip this weekend.

Dole, the longtime Senate Republican leader, "wants to show support for the administration and says the president made the right decision in terms of letting the U.S. troops remain in Bosnia," said Joyce Campbell, a spokeswoman for the retired senator.

Mrs. Dole was making the trip primarily as president of the American Red Cross, which has provided humanitarian relief in the region and fought to ban land mines, Ms. Campbell said.

The delegation -- including Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and nearly a dozen members of Congress -- will share a holiday meal with Americans stationed in Tuzla after a stop in Sarajevo.

It will be a grueling trip -- 20 hours in the air, 11 1/2 on the ground -- with no overnight stay.

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