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Computer Task Group Inc.
Buffalo-based computer services firm said IBM Corp. has renewed an important three-year technical services contract with the company. The contract accounts for about 20 percent of CTG's revenue, which is running at about a $400 million annual pace through the first three quarters of this year.

Common stock data
Latest close .... $34.25
52-week range .... $16.56-$49.38
Dividend .... $0.10
P/E ratio .... 37.4
Beta .... 1.02
Average daily volume .... 102.047
Financial data
Annual profit .... $11 million
Annual sales .... $365 million
Earnings per share
latest 12 months .... $0.90
Estimated EPS for 1997 .... $0.98
Key financial ratios
Profit margin .... 5%
Return on equity .... 16.7%
Debt to equity .... 0
What a key exec says
"We are committed to supporting IBM's strategy to contain costs while aggressively growing its service business."
-- Jonathan R. Asher, VP
SOURCES: Bloomberg News; Zack's Investment Research.

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