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Raymond "Jack" Jarmack was sprayed in the face with pepper spray and suffered defensive wounds in fending off his killer, an autopsy on the Town of Aurora man has determined.

Traces of chemical spray were detected on the 42-year-old's forehead, around his eyes, chin and nose, according to Dr. Fazlollah Loghmanee, who determined he died from four stab wounds to the chest.

Loghmanee, the associate chief Erie County medical examiner, said he was able to detect the pepper spray by using a special light, which showed fluorescent traces of the spray "glowing" on Jarmack's face.

The fatal knife wounds cut into "major arteries" in the chest, the doctor said Friday.

The lower portions of Jarmack's arms were marked with stab wounds that may have been inflicted "as if he were bringing them up to defend himself," Loghmanee said.

The autopsy determined he was also knifed in the neck, back and front portion of his body.

Jarmack was stabbed a total of 27 times in his home Monday night.

Nancy Powers has told police she stabbed him while defending herself from Jarmack after he attacked her with a knife.

Ms. Powers, 33, of Big Tree Road, Orchard Park, suffered superficial knife wounds to the upper body and was released from Mercy Hospital on Wednesday.

She claims Jarmack abducted her at knifepoint from the Ames Department Store parking lot at about 9 p.m. Monday in East Aurora and forced her to drive him in her car to his Cook Road home about three miles away, law enforcement officials said.

Authorities found his car parked at the home, which has raised the question of how he got to the store.

Jarmack believed Ms. Powers, who has not been charged, was exerting undue influence in a custody battle between him and his ex-wife, Kathy Phillips, over their three children, according to authorities and family members.

Raymond J. Jarmack said the pepper spray would explain why his son was unable to protect himself.

"He was 5-foot 9-inches tall, 180 pounds and very muscular," the father said. "My son took karate and was able to handle himself, but the pepper spray would explain it. His hands must have gone up to his eyes when he was sprayed."

The older Jarmack also thinks a second person may have been involved in his son's death.

"I can't imagine one person doing the job alone. I'm thinking another person had to help," he said.

Erie County District Attorney Frank J. Clark said the investigation was continuing on Friday.

"We're examining all of the physical evidence or lack of physical evidence available to us as may relate to any relevant factors, including a claim of self defense," Clark said. "When the investigators are satisfied they have gone as far as they can go, we will schedule the matter for presentation to the grand jury."

East Aurora Detective Steve Bierut declined to discuss specifics of the case. Village police are being assisted by New York State Police investigators.

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