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Still weak after what his doctors called a severe cold, President Boris Yeltsin was under pressure Friday to stay in a sanitarium for another five to seven days to fully recover.

Yeltsin's temperature has returned to normal, his doctor Sergei Mironov said, and he is eager to leave the rest home, where he has already spent nine days.

But doctors worry that Yeltsin will work too hard before he fully recovers, and fear a relapse.

"Knowing Yeltsin, it would be hard to expect that if he is allowed to go on a sort of an unrestricted regime, (we could) control his recovery," Mironov said at a news conference Friday.

Mironov said doctors have been meeting with Yeltsin's top aides, who set his schedule, and urging them to persuade the president to stay at the Barvikha sanitarium outside Moscow for another week.

Yeltsin's temperature has been normal for five days and he is expected to begin rehabilitation Sunday, which would include walks outdoors and swims in an indoor pool, Mironov said.

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