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I'm writing in response to a recent front-page article in The News titled "Park officials want to raze falls tower." Today's mind-set of government bureaucrats seems to be to destroy what is not 100 percent serviceable.

This is poignantly portrayed in the statement that the Prospect Point observation tower should be torn down and replaced. Since painting the tower will cost $3 million and installing new elevators will cost about $10 million, officials want to start from scratch.

State Sen. George Maziarz says a whole new "aesthetically appealing device" is needed. But how many hundreds of millions of dollars will this cost the taxpayers? Apparently, the Niagara Frontier State Parks and Recreation Commission couldn't afford to maintain the tower. So how can they ask taxpayers to build a new one?

Actually, the tower is an eyesore -- but it serves a purpose. Refacing the tower to make it more aesthetically appealing would be much more practical. We have some fine design architects in this area who could provide input. Perhaps the entire facility could be enclosed in rough-hewn stonework or a curtain wall of imitation stone, thus blending it into the scenery. Or how about a castle motif?

Certainly it would cost less to modify the current structure than it would to raze, design and build a totally new one.

Brian A. Fahey Buffalo

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