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"Jim and I settled it, and came to an understanding."

Indianapolis quarterback Jim Harbaugh, after punching Jim Kelly.

Dear Michael
Put three Niagara County women together, and what do you get? A coffee-table book called "Michael Bolton: The Passion, Secrets, Soul and Truths." Now in bookstores courtesy of Lifetime Books, the work is a labor of love by Lockport residents Layne Seeloff and Margaret Eaton; Elizabeth Seib of Newfane, and Joyce Logan of East Haven, Conn. The authors, Ms. Seeloff says, have met Bolton. "He's everything I hoped he would be and more. Very attentive," she says. "He is romance." But though the book -- which has 200 photos, as well as chapters like "Close Encounters," "Michael Bolton Requirements for Love" and even "A Word From Michael's Mother" -- chronicles Bolton's life and extensive charity work, the writers never interviewed the star. "When you're looking into those eyes," Ms. Seeloff mused, "I don't know if I could drill him with questions."

Livingston, I presume
When Tom Irwin and Mark Sladanha, two young Buffalo comedians, undertook a gig at a prison in nearby Livingston, at first they thought they'd be cracking up the inmates. Then they found they'd be entertaining the staff. Well, there went the "How many wardens does it take ..." jokes, right out the window. But the fun was only beginning: Arriving in Livingston, Irwin and Sladanha found it wasn't your average one-prison town. "We pulled over at the prison, and a guard came out," Irwin says. "We said, 'We're the comedians for the show.' And he said: 'This is the wrong prison. You want the one down the street to the left.' "

The elephant walk
You'd think the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus would publicize its opening processions, but it doesn't always. So around 9 a.m. Tuesday we were among three or four downtown drones who stood on the sidewalk and listened, in complete silence, to the soft slapping sound of 12 elephants padding down Scott Street. The elephants held each other's tails. They looked happy, which was a good thing, as they far outnumbered their attendants. "Can I pet one?" Buzz asked a trainer. "No," he said, startled. "This is as close as we let anyone get." But he let us in on a secret: Be at the circus an hour early -- the show runs through Sunday -- and you can frolic with the animals on the floor. We think they should do that at Sabres games!

Bring back the old
What is this area coming to? First there were the windows of Daemen College. They've always been a bright '60s blue. Recently they've been tinted a tasteful taupe. Alas and alack! Now there's the new airport, opening Sunday. We'll miss the old place's outdated ambience. We console ourself with thoughts of surviving nostalgic gems: 1. The Wehrle Restaurant, with its pink neon sign. 2. Voelker's Bowling. 3. Sign for Holy Angels Academy. 4. Kleinhans' bar -- pure '60s. 5. The Elmwood Lounge. 6. Hilton sign visible from the 190. Make that the whole Hilton. 7. Cartoon in the zoo's snake house that warns you not to rap on the glass. 8. The magnificent vintage Arby's sign on Niagara Falls Boulevard. We demand preservation status for these landmarks! Let's not lose what we've got.

The buzz
Though we're a huge Clint Eastwood fan, and we're sure that not one word of his ex-girlfriend Sondra Locke's book is true, Buzz loves its title, "The Good, the Bad and the Very Ugly." ... Recently, WNED-FM host Elaine Knecht interviewed dapper Doc Severinsen, who talked about how the Philharmonic's Halloween concert would be a costume party. "You'll fit right in," Knecht quipped. Ha! Severinsen's show starts Friday at 8 p.m. Buzz wants to go as Doc.

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