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I'm writing in response to a letter that appeared on Oct. 16 entitled "Women don't need daddy to help them buy cars."

While I want to commend this woman for "going it alone" when purchasing a new car, she unfortunately fed right into the stereotype she was trying to condemn. When the situation at the dealership became difficult, she had to bring a male friend along to get the price she had been requesting.

Why didn't she stand up to this sales associate or demand to see the manager? Or talk to a regional sales manager? Or cancel the order if they refused to deal with her in a fair and respectful way? There are many other car manufacturers and dealers.

When are women going to learn that we have to stand up for ourselves? We can't be afraid to speak up if we are treated unfairly. Only when we show respect for ourselves will car dealers and other male-dominated businesses show the same to us.

Frances M. Hulcoop Buffalo

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