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Convicted U.S. spy Jonathan Pollard complained that while Israel quickly brought home agents captured in Jordan after a botched assassination attempt, he has been left in an American jail for 13 years.

Pollard's wife, Esther, played a tape-recorded telephone conversation with her husband for the Associated Press Tuesday, a day before the Israeli Supreme Court was to discuss Pollard's petition that Israel recognize him as an agent acting on its behalf.

Israeli leaders have maintained that Pollard, a former U.S. Navy intelligence analyst, spied on the United States without official sanction. Pollard, 43, is serving a life sentence for passing U.S. military secrets to Israel.

In the taped conversation, Pollard referred to Israel's bungled assassination attempt on Hamas leader Khalid Mashaal in Jordan last month. Two Israeli agents captured by Jordanian security forces were exchanged for Hamas' founder, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, and dozens of other prisoners.

President Clinton rejected a clemency plea by Pollard in 1996.

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