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The battle for Erie County sheriff has reached new lows. The rhetoric has gone beyond double-talk and is now regrettably entering the arena of nonsense. Who ever heard of business experience being a hindrance to the qualifications of any position, especially government? Aren't the '90s about the tide changing toward electing successful business leaders as opposed to the same old politicos? We need solid managers in government.

Patrick Gallivan's whole campaign seems to center around trying to make Rocco Diina's business experience a negative. Gallivan even says there is a conflict of interest in operating a business vs. holding an elected office.

When endorsing Diina, Sheriff Higgins emphasized the need for the incoming sheriff to have "managerial experience and skills." Higgins was quoted in The News on Sept. 22 as saying: "The fact that he (Diina) founded RJD Security is a plus, not a minus. There's a tendency in this community to criticize people who take big risks and are successful. It's absolutely impossible for him to have a conflict of interest." Who knows the daily demands and requirements of the sheriff's position better than Higgins?

The more seasoned managers we elect to government, the faster this county will move ahead. Elected offices need the finest leaders at their helms. Vote for the proven managers -- for those who have already taken big risks and proven themselves successful.

Roger McCracken Kenmore

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