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Voters in the Cattaraugus County towns of Allegany, Ellicottville, Freedom, Hinsdale, Little Valley, Olean, Persia and Salamanca will have a choice in contested supervisor races on Election Day. Supervisor candidates in 17 other towns are running unopposed.

A rundown of town races follows:

Supervisor Daniel. F. Eaton Sr., D, faces a challenge from Robert D. Benson Jr., R. Clerk Carol G. Livingston, R, faces Sharon M. Carls, D. Justice Edward V. Allen Jr., R, I, faces Gary A. Fellows, D. In a three-way race for two council seats, candidates are: incumbent James L. Boser, D; Thomas A. Miller, D, R; and Terry L. Hitchcock, R. Highway Superintendent John R. Moshier, D, R, is unopposed.

Justice Richard R. Preston, D, R, is unopposed. There's a four-way race for two council seats between Republican incumbents Robert L. Potter and Christopher C. Gerwitz; Omar A.El Shabazz, D; and Bruce A. Holley, I.

Supervisor Samuel B. Letcher, D, R, I, is unopposed as are Justice Barbara L. Scacchi, D, R; and Tax Collector Susie Jones, D, R.

Incumbent Councilman Beverly A. Harrington, D; Florence J. Fuller, D, R; and Michael Fox, R, are in a three-way race for two council seats.

Running unopposed are Supervisor Cathie VanSickle, D, R; Clerk Marilyn M. Bowley, D, R; and Assessor Cynthia A. Austin, D, R. Justice David N. Covey, D, is challenged by Jerrold D. Roosa, D; Cheryl Steger, R; Michael Manis, R; and Richard M. Bohall, C. Incumbent Councilwoman Priscilla J. Anderson, D, is challenged by William J. Glow, D; Robert Woodmancy, R; and Kenneth Dechow, R -- two will be elected to the council. Highway Superintendent Ronald A. Brooks, D, faces Dale Newell, R. Tax Collector Juanita L. Brooks, D, faces Peggy Milbrandt, R.

Two councilmen will be chosen among Russell Abbott, D; Michael Calhoun D; and incumbent Republicans Kevin A. Erickson and Jeffrey A. Bemis.

Supervisor Kenneth C. Volk, R, is unopposed as are Clerk Marilyn Turnbull, R; Councilmen Robert C. Brown, R; and Crystal Abers, R; Highway Superintendent Raymond E. Smith, R; and Tax Collector Tina H. Chupa, R. The only contest is for town justice between Rebecca I. Chapman, D; challenging incumbent Charles A. Markham, R.

Supervisor Harry Weissman, D, R; is unopposed as are Clerk Helen Lincoln, D, R; Highway Superintendent Mark V. Church, D, R. Incumbent James Ellis, D, R; and Kenneth P. Phillips, D, R; are running for two council posts.

Supervisor John N. Widger, R, faces a challenge from Charles F. Hebdon, D, a former county legislator. Clerk Catherine M. Stokes, R, is unopposed as are Justice Harry A. Emke, R, and Highway Superintendent David W. Golley, D, R. Councilman Robert D. O'Brien, R, is the lone incumbent for one of two seats also sought by Clement Smith, D, and Robert L. Scharf, R.

Gerald L. Seiwert, D, R, is unopposed for supervisor as are those in other races including Clerk Susan E. Holmes, D, R; Justice L. Dale Bigham, R; Republicans Carl W. Fridman and incumbent Gary R. Green seeking the two council seats; Highway Superintendent Donald F. Kurdziel, D, R; and Assessor Dolores Y. Putney, R.

Justice Lawrence D. Russell, R, is unopposed. Two councilmen will be elected among Richard O. Stevenson, D; challenging Allan J. Gerstung, R, and Paul L. Russell, R, both incumbents.

Supervisor Glenn J. Virga Sr., D, is being challenged by Willard D. Covert, R. Justice Joseph M. Pawlowski, D, R, is unopposed. Two councilmen will be elected among Ronald A. Previty Sr., D; Kevin C. Powell, D; Donald C. Newland, R; and incumbent Douglas Morgan, R. DeVere E. Bliss, D, R, is unopposed for a councilman vacancy. Highway Superintendent Allen L. Bishoff, D, R, is unopposed. Assessor Jerome A. Smith Jr., D, R, is challenged by Rebecca J. Snyder, RTL, for a four-year term. Assessor Karen L. Fox, D, faces Ruth A. Morgan, R, for a two-year term.

Incumbents in all races are unopposed. Candidates are: Supervisor Charles G. Krause, D, R; Clerk Sandra J. Goode, D, R; Justice Donald E. Hall, R, C; Councilmen Roy A. Arena, D, R; and Kay C. Kent, R; and Highway Superintendent James T. Brennan, D, R.

Supervisor Thomas L. Hooper, D, is in a contest with Dale R. Rathbun, R. Clerk Candace A. Gaylor, R, is unopposed. Justice Monroe E. Bishop, R, faces Loreda Vincent, D. Incumbent Councilmen Ronald C. Deibler Sr., D, and John E. Milks, R, are challenged by Elizabeth J. Linderman, D; Linda Travis, R; and Raymond J. Isaman Jr., C; for two council positions. Highway Superintendent Robert L. Wilson, D, R, is unchallenged.

Supervisor Norm H. Lacy, R, is unopposed as is Clerk Mary M. Weber, D, R. Justice Allen P. Halladay, R, faces Jeffrey A. Scott, D. Two councilmen, Lois J. Bergen, R, and Robert P. Childs, R, face Democrats Louis Leotta and Dorothy Knight. Highway Superintendent Danny D. Williams, R, is challenged by Donald W. Hitchcock, D. Tax Collector June Blazejewski, R, is challenged by Lois M. Leotta, D.

Supervisor Kenneth L. Wyant, D, R, is unopposed as are Clerk Nancy E. Ames, R; Justice John M. Williams, R; two councilmen Neal R. Osgood, D, R; and Roger L. Pettengill, D, R; and Collector Theresa M. Lowe, R. Highway Superintendent Richard M. Michael Jr., D, is in a three-way race with Joseph G. Kellner III, R; and Richard M. Michael Jr., I. Assessor Clifford E. Lowe, R, faces Neil L. Converse, D.

Supervisor Linda A. Exford, D, R, is unopposed, as are Clerk Diane M. Ellis, D, R; Justice Jerome C. Ellis Sr., D. R; Highway Superintendent Michael J. Riley, D, R; Assessor Richard C. Moffit Jr., D; and Collector Margie A. Mosher, D, R. The three candidates for two council seats are incumbents Paul R. Hill, D, R, and Claudia R. McKay, R; challenged by Cheryl Ellis, D.

Supervisor John J. Fellows D, is challenged by Timothy J. Zimbardi, R. Other incumbents unopposed on the ballot are Clerk Patricia K. Isaman, R; Councilmen William H. Stoll, R, and Jerry A. Titus, R; and Highway Superintendent Walter J. Fellows, D.

Supervisor Kevin D. Olson, R, is unopposed as are Clerk Patricia J. Holmes, D, R, and Highway Superintendent Mark D. Reynolds, R. Justice Carolyn L. McDonnell, R, faces Carol A. Evans, D. The two incumbent Republican councilmen, Donald J. Gierl and William P. Schlosser, are challenged by Democrats Barbara Schriener and Warren E. Kellogg.

Justice Francis L. Lounsbury, D, R; Assessor Gail L. Watkins, D, for a four-year term; and Assessor Debra M. Tingue, D, R, I, for a two-year term; are all unopposed. Three candidates for town council seats are: John D. Modica, D, I; Janine D. Thompson, D; and Bill Cuff, R, I.

Supervisor Robert C. Keis Sr., R, is unopposed, as is Clerk Betty Jane Horning, R; Justice Randy Alexander, R; Assessor Marilyn Hintz, R; and incumbent James Hammond, R, C, F, and William T. Porter, D, for two council seats. A three-way race developed between Highway Superintendent Henry Friedl, R; Robert H. Erdmann, D; and H. Duane Beeman, C.

Supervisor Lena M. Ruper, D, is unopposed as are Justice Thomas W. Rickert, D, R; Highway Superintendent Eugene M. Milks, D, R; and Assessor Jeanne L. Giambrone, D. There are races for Clerk between Tammy L. Buchhardt, D, and Kelly L. Doty, R; for two council seats among incumbent Republicans Charles G. Milks and David W. Campbell challenged by Democrats Francis Giambrone and Robert K. Bedell; for assessor between Harold C. Ruper, D, and Ella M. Adams, R; and for collector between Victoria L. Bedell, D, and incumbent Harold L. Doty Jr., R.

Incumbents unopposed for another term are: Justice Wendy K. Benson, D, I; councilmen Gerald L. Pritchard, R, and Patrick F. Erhart, R; and Assessor Bruce R. Moody Sr., R.

Supervisor John S. Mitchell, R, I, is challenged by James L. Coon, D. Clerk Tina D. Padlo, D, faces Kathryn M. Smith, D. Kenneth L. Oakley, D, is unopposed for justice. In a four-way race for two council seats, candidates are: Leo J. Nenno, D; Charles J. McCole, D; incumbent Robert L. Sweitzer, R; and Ruth J. Lowe, R, I. Highway Superintendent Daniel C. Oakes, D, faces Neil Blauser, R.

Supervisor James T. Wojdan, D, is unopposed, as are Clerk Betty A. Huber, D, R; and Justice Edward Whalen, D. Highway Superintendent Dale A. Brown, R, I, is challenged by John M. Hill, D. Two councilmen will be elected among: incumbent James E. Crowell, D; Michael J. Hutten, D; and Robert L. Busekist, R.

Supervisor Myrton R. Sprague, R, D, is unopposed as are Clerk Mary M. Watkins, D, and Highway Superintendent Gary W. Nash, D, R. Two justices will be elected among Constance M. Johnson, D; Jonette L. Taber, D; and David G. Smith, R. Incumbent Republican councilmen Lynn W. Varney and Richard M. Gable are challenged by Democrats Buddy J. Beaver and Georgina C. Paul.

Longtime Supervisor Thomas R. Byrne, R, C, faces a challenge from Karen Byrne, D, I, a trustee on the Gowanda Village Board. Arnold N. Andolsek, D, R, C, I, is unopposed for justice. Incumbents Richard D. Lipinski, D, I, and Melvin J. LeBar, R, C, are challenged by Ronald D. Gemmill, D, for their council seats.

Supervisor Eugene T. Williams, D, R, is unopposed as are Justice Jerome P. Sullivan, D, and Highway Superintendent Duncan E. Deschler, D, R. The two candidates for two council posts are incumbent Roy G. Griffin, D, R, and Hugh L. Martin, R.

Candidates on the ballot without opponents are: Clerk Lori L. Milliman, D, R; Councilman Timothy R. Shields, R, for four years; Daniel B. Andrews, R, for a two-year council term; and Assessor Jean M. Shields, D, R.

All candidates are without opposition. They are: Supervisor Tamara A. Booth, D, R; Clerk Jane S. France, D, R; Councilmen Calvin M. Loucks, D, R, and Terry P. Arrance, D, R; and Highway Superintendent Llewellyn France, D, R.

Supervisor Eva M. Ellis, D, faces a challenge from Robert Schindler, I. Clerk Virginia P. Rider, D, R, is unopposed as is Justice James R. Halterman, D. Two councilmen will elected among: incumbent Democrats Larry M. Stewart and Robert R. Slevinski; Merritt Letson, R, and Lawrence J. Bek, I. Highway Superintendent William E. Goodman, D, I, faces Rodney L. Hutchison, R.

Supervisor Karen E. LaSota, D; Clerk Kathy A. Burch, D, R; Justice Sandra Brilliam, D; and Highway Superintendent Charles Ruth, R, all are unopposed. Incumbent Council Members Anthony J. Foti, D, and Carolyn Clark, R, face a challenge from Raymond Sugg, D, R.

Running unopposed are Clerk Duane C. Dedrick, R; Justice Charles Weidinger, R; and Council members Constance E. Walker, D, and William H. Erick, R.

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