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Most injuries to children on Halloween are the result of falls, burns and motor-vehicle accidents.

Here are some sensible precautions from the National Safe Kids Campaign:

Face paint and cosmetics are safer than loose-fitting masks, which can block vision. Masks, if used, should fit securely and have wide-enough eye holes.

Costumes should be short enough to avoid tripping.

For fire safety, avoid flimsy, baggy, billowing garments.

Light-colored costumes are more visible at night. Strips of reflective tape can help.

Secure hats so they won't slip over children's eyes.

Adult shoes aren't safe for little trick-or-treaters; kids could trip and fall.

Knives, swords and other props should be flexible, in case of a fall.

Have a session with youngsters about traffic safety: Stop at corners, look both ways, cross only at intersections, never dart out between parked cars.

Someone in the group should carry a flashlight, to see and be seen.

Tell kids not to cut across yards; lawn ornaments, hoses, tools and clotheslines can be hidden hazards in the dark.

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