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During the time the nation was concentrating on breast-cancer awareness, I was appalled to learn that for the second year, Medicare coverage of mammograms for the group at the highest risk -- those 65 and over -- is only every other year. Coverage that had been annual was abruptly changed even though the recommendations of the American Cancer Society for that group had not.

Those of us who had to decide if we dared run the risk of skipping our annual test were then assured at budget time we would be covered. To add insult to injury, this apparent deception was presented to the public as if the change was a new benefit Congress was bestowing rather than the restoration of a cut.

This sort of political chicanery is despicable. Who is to speak for those women who could have been saved had early detection not been withdrawn? And how much more costly were the desperate attempts to save them?

Marjory Lovejoy Buffalo

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