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This poem was sent in by Miss Crossetta's fifth-grade class at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, Tonawanda:


On Halloween night everything is a fright.
Ghosts and goblins behind every tree,
Looking for candy, waiting for me.
People in costumes roaming around,
Candy wrappers and leaves dis played on the ground.
The neighborhood is lit by a soft glow of light.
Ouch! Check my neck for a vampire's bite.
Shrieks and moans around every corner.
Yikes! A Dracula's mask -- whose face is the owner?
Witches fly and ghosts do too.
They try to scare you by yelling out boo!
Halloween is a time for tricks and treats.
So many houses, so many streets.
Beware of the monsters, beware of the creeps,
And always be careful when crossing the street.

These two poems came from Katie Herdzik, 9, of Depew:


When a pumpkin sees a knife,
He is filled with fright.
He shrieks with fear.
While he is shaking,
He thinks about the face he will get if he stays.
Why do I want to get away, he asks himself.
It's because I don't want the name Jack.


I hear a bat scr-eeeek!
I hear a cat ee-ee-eeek!
I hear an old step cr-cr-creeeak!
I hear a mouse squ-squ- squeeeak!
These are the sounds I hear on Halloween.
I see a witch.
I see a monster.
I see a ghost.
I see a goblin' up candy.
These are the things I see on Halloween.
I taste a crunchy candy bar.
I taste a crispy, candy apple.
I taste a stream of apple cider down my throat.
I taste a sugary powdered doughnut.
These are the things I taste on Halloween.


Halloween, a special night
Goblins howl, what a fright!
Skeletons rise from their ghostly tombs
Leaves where flowers bloomed,
Vampires, goblins, ghosts, too
All out for a couple Boo's,
The night's still young, the moon low in the sky,
But you can hardly see it from where the bat flies,
What was that? A vampire? Or two?
Couldn't be! Can't be true!
Halloween, a special night,
Goblins howl, what a fright!
-- Brianna Larson

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