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Ghouls and goblins watch out!

When it comes to trick-or-treating this year, you may be out-numbered by colorful M&M's, funky looking freaks and characters from favorite books.

At least that's what readers told us when they called the NeXt hot line recently to answer this question: What are the hottest Halloween costumes this year?

Katherine Blane, 12, of Buffalo, says she and her mom are working on a Pippi Longstocking costume because "I love her books." She'll wear her costume when she goes trick-or-treating as well as to a Halloween party at school.

Kelly, 10, of Depew, says she'll dress up as the Cat in the Hat, with, of course, a big striped hat.

Rachel Cantor, of Williamsville, says she's going out dressed as a green M&M, a costume she bought for $29.99. "Many of my friends are wearing Tickle Me Elmo costumes with a belly button that you press," she adds.

Caitlin, 11, who called from Depew, is going to be a red M&M.

Bradley Bogdan, 9, of West Seneca, reached back into history for an idea for his costume. He will dress up as a Union soldier from the Civil War, and he and his mother are making the costume together.

Meghan Crotty, who lives in Orchard Park but reports that she attends school in Hamburg, has another creative idea for a costume. She's dressing up as a bunch of grapes.

"I'll put on purple sweatsuit, buy purple balloons and blow them up, and sew them to sweatsuit," she told NeXt. "I'll put my hair up in a ponytail on top of my hair and spray paint that green for the stem, and paint my face purple by mixing red and blue paint."

Elizabeth, of Evans, says she and her friends are dressing up as freaks. "We're making the costumes," she reports.

Maggie, of Tonawanda, will be a witch, and plans to stripe her hair green and wear plenty of scary makeup.

Several middle-schoolers on Grand Island are putting together hippie costumes complete with love beads, bell-bottom pants and headbands.

Lindsay, who lives on Desmond Drive, is going to dress as a big baby with a huge baby bottle, diaper, bonnet and booties. She's even going to wear a headpiece that will make her bald!

"This year for Halloween, I'm going to be a lady from the '70s," reports Jessica, 12, from Buffalo. "For my costume I'm wearing a blue suit with white stripes, makeup, and high shoes. I'm having my hair done, and will wear a big hat with feather, gloves and a nice fur jacket.

"I'm just going to look sly!"

Adds Jessica: "My friends are going to be lady vampires, with blood, their hair flipped up, and black clothes. My cousin will be dressed as a mixture of freak, monster, vampire and zombie. It's going to be a weird costume."

Weird at Halloween? What's wrong with that?

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