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Every day, our senses areinundated with accusations and expensive investigations in Washington.

Claims of sexual misconduct, which allegedly happened years ago, only came to light after Bill Clinton became president. If these accusations are true, why didn't Paula Jones bring them out back then, when Clinton was governor?

Fund-raising in the White House is something that has been going on for years by both political parties. A 1987 videotape shows former President Ronald Reagan playing host to $10,000-plus Republican donors in the White House and asking: "Can I count on you to help?"

So why all of a sudden is it wrong? Is it because employment is up, businesses -- both large and small -- are doing well and the stock market is making money? So now nothing but dirt can be thrown?

I wish our elected representatives in Washington were doing what we sent them there for.

They should be looking at how to cut taxes for all, assist our youths and families who don't have health insurance and help the elderly on meager incomes who, after trying to pay for medications and keep a roof over their heads, have no money left for food. The list goes on and on.

Americans, let's stand up and tell these people -- including the press, radio talk show hosts and television news commentators -- to straighten up their act.

If our elected officials devoted as much money and energy to the betterment of our country as they do to these accusations and investigations, the country would be a better place.

Our lawmakers should be working together to solve our problems and improve our nation. Then and only then could they honestly say they are doing their job. It's time for a change.

James Cackovich