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Chautauqua County voters will elect a county executive, county clerk and district attorney Nov 4.

Officials also will be elected in the county's 27 towns and the cities of Dunkirk and Jamestown. Candidates in the Towns of Charlotte, Cherry Creek, Dunkirk, French Creek, Gerry, North Harmony and Sherman are unopposed.

Voters in Harmony will have five ballot questions about the consumption and sales of alcohol.

Voters also will elect all 25 members of the County Legislature. The legislature now has 13 Republicans and 12 Democrats. Among incumbents, six Democrats and four Republicans are running unopposed. Three Republicans have decided not to seek re-election.

The endorsing political parties are designated by R (Republican), D (Democratic), F (Freedom), I (Independence), C (Conservative) and RTL (Right to Life).

County Executive Andrew W. Goodell, R-C-F, is seeking his third term. Challenger Mark Thomas, D-I, is Pomfret supervisor.

County Clerk Sandra Sopak, R-C-F, is seeking a second term and is challenged by Jeffrey Smith, D-I.

District Attorney James P. Subjack, D-I, is seeking his second term and is challenged by Charles Metcalfe, R-C-L-RTL-F.
District 1: Incumbent Truman C. Bradley Jr., R-C, is challenged by Keith D. Ahlstrom, D-F.

District 2: Incumbent Ronald A. Szot, D-I, is challenged by William B. Schlichter, R-C.

District 3: Incumbent Chester L. Tarnowski, D-I, is unopposed.

District 4: Timothy Heavern, D-I, and Alvin M. Crowe, R-C-F, are vying to succeed Mark D. Sackett, R-Silver Creek, who did not seek re-election.

District 5: Incumbent Robert J. Butcher, R-C-F, is unopposed.

District 6: Incumbent Catherine D. Goll, D-I, is challenged by Brian C, Abram, R-C-F.

District 7: Incumbent Leon J. Beightol, D-I, is challenged by Stephen N. Kimball, R-C-F.

District 8: Patricia A. Heath, D-I, and Kenneth W. Dahlgren Jr., R-C-F, are vying to succeed Jackie Jackson, R-Jamestown, who did not seek re-election.

District 9: Incumbent Lance S. Spicer, R-C-RTL-F, is challenged by Sharon E. Reed, D-I.

District 10: Incumbent Gilbert A. Miekina, R-C-F, is challenged by Wayne C. Treni, D-I.

District 11: Incumbent Lula M. Taylor, D-I, is unopposed.

District 12: Incumbent Jane N. Fagerstrom, D-I, is unopposed.

District 13: Incumbent Anthony M. Teresi, D-I, is unopposed.

District 14: Incumbent J. Norman Herby, R-F, is challenged by Donald N. Anderson, D-I.

District 15: Incumbent Maria M. Kindberg, D-I, is challenged by Herbert E. Johnson, R-C-F.

District 16: Incumbent Joseph Trusso Jr., D-I, is unopposed.

District 17: Incumbent Richard C. Babbage, R-C, is unopposed.

District 18: Incumbent Nancy G. Bargar, D-C-I, is unopposed.

District 19: Incumbent Bruce L. Kidder, R-C, is unopposed.

District 20: Nettie M. Moore, D-I and Fred Croscut, R-C-F, are vying to succeed Neal R. Johnson, R-Mayville, who did not seek re-election.

District 21: Incumbent James E. Caflisch, C-I-F, is challenged by Donna B. Luce, D-R.

District 22: Incumbent Richard E. Davies, R-C, is unopposed.

District 23: Incumbent Francis E. Lus, D-I, is challenged by Harry W. Watters, R-C-F.

District 24: Incumbent Robert H. Kolodziej, R-C-F, is challenged by Sallie S. Pullano, D-I.

District 25: Incumbent Michael K. Bobseine, D-I, is challenged by Michael P. Smith, R-C.

Candidates in town and city races are:
Supervisor John C. Dillenburg, D, is unopposed. Diane R. Haight, D-R-C, and Nancy C. McVaughn, Taxpayers, are vying for clerk. Incumbents Harold Spinler, D, and Susan D. Miller, R-C, and newcomer Roger Cardot, D, are vying for two seats on the Town Board. Highway Superintendent Stephen L. Mead, D-R, is challenged by Rodney A. Steger, Citizens Party.
Supervisor Walter H. Dahlgren, R, is unopposed. Incumbent Councilmen Charles L. Derby, D-C-I, and Gary W. Yager, R, and Larence J. Hagberg, D-C-I, and Paul R. Hazzard, R, are running for two Town Board seats.
Russell L. Payne, D-Taxpayers, and Michael E. Sisson, R, are vying for supervisor. Justice Stephen W. Cass, R-C-Taxpayers, is unopposed. Councilman Melvin L. Feather, R, and Stephen R. Peterson, D-Taxpayers; William O. Gillies, R; and Michael L. Dove, D-Taxpayers, are vying for two Town Board seats. Highway Superintendent Garry A. Waid, D-Taxpayers, is challenged by Neil M. MacNeil, R.
All incumbents are unopposed: Supervisor Teddy LeBaron, R; Clerk Darla Frost, D; Councilmen Sue Oakes, R, and Harold A. Smith, R, and Highway Superintendent Lester Frost Jr., R.
Supervisor James Weidman III, R-C, is unopposed. Justice David J. Narducci, R-Justice, is challenged by Ed Mifsud, D-C-I-L-RTL-F. Mike Bolender, D; Peter B. Seevers, R; and Patrick L. Lucariello, C-I-L-RTL-F, are vying for a vacant justice position. Incumbent Councilman John A. Carlson, R, and Beth Perry, D, Leroy W. Parker, C; Fritz Overs, D, and William R. Burnett, R-C, are vying for two Town Board seats. Tax Collector Lawrence Scriven, R-C, is unopposed. Highway Superintendent William R. Cross, R-C, is challenged by George Stroebel Jr., D.
All candidates are unopposed: Supervisor Daniel A. Rowicki, R; Clerk Mary J. Pulliam, R; Justice James V. Case, R; incumbent councilman Clyde B. Rodgers, R, and newcomer Delores G. Lebarron, D-R, and Highway Superintendent Kenneth W. Chase, R.
Justice Love Albright, D, is challenged by Laurie C. Tewinkle, R-Taxpayers. Incumbent Councilmen Larry Rhebergen, D, and John M. Holthouse, R-Taxpayers, and challenger Russell A. Hunink, R-Taxpayers, are vying for two seats on the Town Board. Assessor Margaret T. Nyweide, R-Taxpayers, and Tax Collector Martha Keys, D, are unopposed.
All incumbents are unopposed: Supervisor Robert H. Altwies, R; Clerk Mary Jane Wills, R; Justice Rudolph H. Halicki, R; Councilmen Wilfred F. Apps, D, and Richard E. Mourer, R, and Highway Superintendent Paul Foreman, D-R.
Supervisor Arden E. Johnson, R-C, is unopposed. Justice James V. Burns, R-C, is challenged by Daniel J. Tyler, D. Councilmen G. Craig Miller, R-C, and Lawrence A. Anderson, R-C, are unopposed.
Supervisor Patrick Tyler, D-I, is challenged by Frances P. Morgan, R-C. Ward 1 Councilman Patrick W. McLaughlin, R-C, is challenged by Norman P. Green, D. Patrick J. Charest, D-R-C, is unopposed for Ward 2 Councilman. Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth L. Lyon, R-C, is unopposed. Clerk Michael C. Erlandson, D, is unopposed. Edward W. Jackson, D, and Leroy G. Steppe Sr., R-C, are vying for justice. Highway Superintendent Marvin E. Shellhouse, D-R-C, is unopposed.
Councilmen Robert E. Rhinehart and Albert D. Cala, both R, are challenged by Terry White and Loren Kent, both D, for two Town Board seats.
All incumbents are unopposed: Supervisor Timothy C. Neckers, R; Clerk Arlene R. Bemis, R; Justice R. Robert Sphon, R; Councilmen Leo K. McCray, R, and Novel R. Willink, R; Tax Collector Kelly L. Perry, R, and Highway Superintendent Jerold E. Hulett, R.
All incumbents are unopposed: Supervisor Samuel R. Salemme, R; Justice William F. Duncanson, R; Councilmen Robert B. Heitzenrater, R, and John R. Crossley, R, and Highway Superintendent John A. Risley, R.
Justice John A. Kohler, R-C-F, is unopposed. Councilman Harry E. Van Curen, R-C-F, and J. Scott Lycett, D-Taxpayers; James J. White III, D-Taxpayers, and Richard N. Slawson, R-C-F, are vying for two seats on the Town Board.
Supervisor Joe Edwards Jr., D, is challenged by Todd E. Eddy, R-C. Unopposed are Clerk Brenda J. Ireland, R; Justice Bruce S. Scolton, D-R; Councilmen Thomas W. Carlson, D, and William A. Sweeney Jr., D-R, and Tax Collector Betty A. Johnson, D. Charles E. Loveless, D-Taxpayers, and Timothy P. Card, R-C, are vying for highway superintendent.

Question No. 2: Selling alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption. Question No. 3: Selling alcoholic beverages at retail for consumption on licensed premises. Question No. 4: Selling alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption. Question No. 5: Only allowing sales of alcoholic beverages by hotelkeepers. Question No. 6: Only allowing sales of alcoholic beverages by summer hotelkeepers.
Supervisor Michael C. Haller, D-R; Clerk E. Jane Clark, D-Taxpayers; Town Justices Todd M. Nelson, R, and James E. Kosthorst, D-Taxpayers, and Highway Superintendent Gary R. Carlson, D-R, are unopposed. Councilmen Eugene R. Heath, D-Taxpayers, and Wayne D. Luce, R, and Bradley L. Weber, D, and Frank J. Racitano, R, are vying for two seats on the Town Board.
Supervisor Rebecca N. Brumagin, D-R; Clerk Florence F. Boozel, R; Justice Carig W. Kinney, R; Assessor Donald C. Keppel, D, and Highway Superintendent Paul R. Scarem, R, are unopposed. Councilman C. Donald Vahl, D, and Denis R. Cooper, R, and Dennis M. Luce, R, are vying for two seats on the Town Board.
Supervisor William R. Reynolds III, R-C; Clerk Sally P. Carlson, R; Councilmen Albert W. Brown, R, and Gary L. Jensen Sr., R, and Highway Superintendent Stephen H. Fardink are all unopposed.
Supervisor Ruth A. Rowley, D-Taxpayers; Clerk Cynthia H. Woodin, R, and Justice Julie B. Hewitt are unopposed. Councilman Larry R. Mee, D, and Sandra L. Tompsett, R, and James C. Cooper, D, are vying for two seats on the Town Board.
Edward A. Woloszyn, D-I, and Andrew M. Schmidt, R, are vying for supervisor. Councilmen Patricia L. Christina, D-I, and David F. Kleparek, D-I, and Harry H. Schwertfeger, R, and Charles G. Mancuso, R, are vying for two seats on the Town Board. Clerk Beverly A. Swyers, R, and Highway Superintendent James E. Oakes Jr., R, are unopposed.
Supervisor Gary L. Miller, R-C, is challenged by Harry Shoemaker, D. Clerk Patricia E. Kurtz, D, is challenged by Roxanne McFadden, R-Taxpayers, and Alvin E. Brumagin Jr., Independent. Justice Edward M. Czysz, D-I, is challenged by John W. Harrell Jr., R-C, and Alfred H. Seavy, Independent. Councilmen Jerry Boltz, D-Taxpayers, and Thomas K. Webb Jr., R-C, and Alan J. Cave, D-I, and William D. Hussey, R, are vying for two seats on the Town Board. Mickey E. Mitchell, D-Taxpayers, and Fredora M. McIntyre, R, are vying for tax collector. Charles E. Kelley Jr., D-I, and Donald L. Delcamp, R, are vying for highway superintendent.
Supervisor John R. Potter, D-R, and Justice Donald T. Johnston, D-R, are unopposed. Clerk Rebecca Rowe Johnston, D, is challenged by Bonnie L. Meeder, R. Councilman H. Roger Testrake, R; Esther Pearsall, D; Alan D. Waters, D, and Michael C. Bisbee, R, are vying for two seats on the Town Board. Jeffrey F. Barger, D, and David A. Bower, R, are vying for highway superintendent.
Louis Deering, D-I, and John J. Walker III, R-C-F, are vying for supervisor. Peter T. Smith Jr., D-I; Romaine G. Hohenstein, R-C-F; Richard Glowniak, D-I, and Richard C. Feinen, R-C-F, are vying for two seats on the Town Board. Highway Superintendent Stefan Mayr, D-I, is challenged by Bob Wdowiasz, R-C-F. John J. Zmuda, D-I, and Steven J. Muck, R-C-F, are vying for one assessor's position. Clerk Julie A. Szumigala, D-C-I, and Justice Paul D. Till Sr., D-R-C, are unopposed.
Justice Thomas J. Meredith, R, and Councilmen Travis B. Heiser, R, and Howard E. Crump, R, all are unopposed.
Justices Otis W. Barber, R-C, and Robert A. Burlington, R, are unopposed. Councilmen Stanley P. Zembryski, D-Stockton First, and John W. Runkle, R-C, and Louis E. Saracina Jr., R, are vying for two seats on the Town Board. David B. Snyder, D-Taxpayers, and Ted N. Ames, R-Stockton First, are vying for highway superintendent.
Supervisor James R. Bradigan, D, is unopposed. Councilmen Charles F. Nobles, D, and Glenn H. Scott, R, and Diane F. DiPasquale, D, and Jace H. Wightman are vying for two seats on the Town Board.
Supervisor Harry F. Ward, R, is being challenged by Morton Flexer, Independent Voter. Highway Superintendent David L. Cochran, R, is challenged by William A. Davidson, D. Clerk Linda L. Briggs, R; Justice Richard E. Felton, R, and Councilmen Carl Vilardo Jr., R, and Douglas V. Richmond, R, are unopposed.
Mayor Margaret Wuerstle, R-C, is challenged by Robert D. Kesicki, D-I, and Henry R. Serafin, Taxpayers. Councilman-at-Large Frank V. Gawronski Jr., D-I, is challenged by Norman N. Naalaepa, R-C. First Ward Councilman Chester F. Kozlowski Jr., D-I, is challenged by Robert K. Bankoski, R-C. Second Ward Coucilman Donald J. Stoyle, D-I, is challenged by Philip J. Julian, R-C. Third Ward Councilman Paul E. Van Den Vouver, D-I, is challenged by Gregory V. Lorenzo, R-C. Janet M. Jankowski-George, D-I, and Mary A. Herrington, R-C, are vying for Fourth Ward Councilwoman. Treasurer Mark A. Woods, D-I, is unopposed. John A. Mackowiak, D-I, is unopposed for clerk of the Board of Assessors. Assessor Leoanrd F. Schrantz, D-I; Richard S. Paradis, R, and Edward F. Wisniewski Jr., D-I, are vying for two assessor positions.
Councilmen at Large Michael J. Mistretta, D-I, and William S. Gullotti, R-C-F, and Gregory P. Rabb, D-I; Anthony J. Dolce, R-D-F; Charles C. Nazzaro, D-I, and Mary Lou Edwards, R-D-F, are vying for three at-large seats. Vincent J. Joy Jr., D, and Brent P. Sheldon, R-C, are vying for 1st Ward Councilman. Second Ward Councilman Philip C. Morris Jr., D, and 3rd Ward Councilman Anthony J. Raffa, D-I, are unoppsed. Brian Melquist, D-I, and Jack R. Engdahl, R, are vying for 4th Ward Councilman. Fifth Ward Councilman Anthony P. LoGuidice, R-C-F, is challenged by Andrew F. Johnson, D-I. Sixth Ward Councilman James J. Ventura, D-I, is unopposed.

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